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COMPLETE VIDEO SERIES: The Many Faces of Benny Hinn

Did you ever wish you could collect and compile all the major news media’s investigative exposés on the antics of Benny Hinn? Well, now you can. The televangelist watchdog group, The Trinity Foundation, has organized three solid hours of documented, hard-hitting reports on the escapades of the controversial faith healer. It’s all you ever wanted to know about Hinn and more.

The video begins with the 1993 Inside Edition investigation of the finances and healings of the evangelist. The Inside Edition footage, the first study of Hinn by the national news media, still ranks as one of the best — if not the best — of showing Hinn at his worst. It features Hinn and his entourage trying to bully their way past Inside Edition’s news crew at the Philadelphia airport and how the Hinn ministry’s irresponsible disregard for documented healings caused them to broadcast a “fake” healing. But the Inside Edition piece is just the tip of the iceberg.

From there the video moves on to Hinn’s 1993 700 Club appearance with Pat Robertson where he laments his former ways and teachings. As the video progresses into more recent reports, much of what Hinn bemoaned to Robertson and his audience is still evident in Hinn’s life and ministry.

The collection also contains reports that would otherwise be hard or impossible to find. These include Pam Zekman’s 1993 three-part report (WBBM-ABC Chicago), the 1998 60 Minutes (Australia) segment, and Richard Ray’s 1999 two-part report (KDFW-FOX Dallas-Fort Worth). Also included are local news items from various Orlando television stations that chronicle Hinn’s problems at home. They reveal Hinn’s misfortune when he hired a private investigator to look into his ministry’s finances (and apparently found more than what Hinn bargained for) and the deaths of two of his key staff by heroin overdoses.

In all the reports, Hinn consistently groans with ignorance of the facts as to the out-of-control world he has created around himself. The astute viewer of all this will ask, “How can someone who is so in tune with the Divine (i.e., receiving personal messages from Jesus), be so out of touch with his life and ministry?”

Interspersed throughout the reports is a selection of Hinn’s most outrageous theological bloopers, including Adam was an astronaut, the Red Sea icecapades, the Holy Ghost machine gun and TBN to raise the dead. And, yes, no Benny Hinn video collection would be complete without his wife, Suzanne’s “Holy Ghost enema” and “butt-kisser” statements. Those clips are there too.

The video not only will educate and entertain, but bring most viewers to heartbreak by the revelations of how this man’s false and reckless teachings have devastated the lives of some followers.



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