Posted by: TWotWoF VIDEO ROW | June 11, 2010

Creflo Dollar Still Teaching “End Time Wealth Transfer” Heresy: Less Than Two Years Left Before Jesus Return (Sow Your Seed Now)

This video is about the concepts of “wealth transfer” (‘the wealth of the wicked [or sinner] is laid up for the just’) and “supernatural debt cancellation” as taught in certain circles in the evangelical Christian church. These concepts support the belief that in the end times, all the world’s wealth will be supernaturally “tranferred” to the Christians. Not only that, but this MUST occur before the return of Christ. This is popularly taught by Kenneth Copeland, Fred Thompson (“Money Cometh!” and “No More Empty Hands”), T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, and many others.

Today I got a Google Alert on Creflo Dollar that showed he is still teaching the “end times wealth transfer” Heresy.

In the video above NotYourTypicalNegro does a real good job of address Creflo and others deliberate error in the video above. He shows Dollar saying that Jesus will return in 2012. So he urged Christians that they only have a little time to get this wealth transfer. But conveniently Dollar has dropped his prediction that Jesus will return in 2012, along with his teaching that Christians only have until then to get their wealth.



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