Posted by: TWotWoF VIDEO ROW | April 6, 2010

Naming Names of False Teachers: Is that Biblical or Loving?

Some folks within (professing) Christendom today say it’s wrong to expose false teachers, they will quote at least on of the earlier verses of Matthew 7 that speak against (hypocritical) judging while ignoring later statements about “bewaring of false prophets who are wolves in sheep’s clothing” and that we’d “know them by their fruits”. Others will say we shouldn’t say someone’s a heretic cuz that’s a “strong word”. Just curious, was Jesus wrong in calling Judas Iscariot a devil, or calling the Pharisees of his day hypocrites, blind guides, fools, serpents, and a generation of vipers? Was Paul wrong in naming Hymenaeus, Alexander, and Demas? Or was the Apostle John wrong in naming Diotrephes? The thing about false teachers, who are ministers of Satan, is that they, like Satan, will mascarade as angels of light by tickling itchy ears(2Tim 4:3). Also, false teachers themselves are just as badly deceived by Satan as those whom they lead astray, the false teacher doesn’t think he’s working for Satan cuz Satan has blinded his mind. One of the most deceptive and pragmatic things Satan can do, and has done, is have his ministers (sem) to preach against him…or to convince them that “viewing yourself as a fowl, wretched sinner is of Satan while feeling good about yourself is of God”. Hope what John MacArthur has to say will clear things up on naming names when it comes to false teachers.


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