Posted by: Damon Whitsell | March 17, 2010

Ex-Word of Faith Testimony of a Former Kenneth Haginite


Miscarriage Disaster

While attending Rhema, my wife thought she was pregnant midway through the our second year. We already had four and thought of another one at this time was too much. She was going to school, taking care of the house and kids plus we had started another business so I wouldn’t have to be gone from home all the time.

She didn’t say anything to me for a time. She found herself thinking about not wanting a child. She was very distressed about it. She regretted it. She wished she could change it. She was just so busy right now. We both love kids. At any other time she would have been delighted.

A few weeks later she began to spot. Then she began bleeding more heavily. She finally told me about the pregnancy. She was worried now because she lost our first child due to a miscarriage. She went to the doctor and he said the fetus had died and she would have to have a D&C.

She started to become depressed. She felt she had brought this on by her negative thoughts and maybe she even confessed she didn’t want this baby. She thought she had created this situation. She had committed a mental abortion of the child. After all, at Rhema they taught us that negative confessions will produce negative results. Surely, this was her fault.

She had the D&C and I thought that was the end of it. I knew we both felt real bad losing another child like that. I didn’t know what was going on in her head though. She was very distressed. She kept feeling very guilty that she had brought this into existence by her negative confession. She was tormented. So much so she quit school just 2 months from graduation. She felt she had lost her salvation. She felt alone and God had abandoned her.

She had become another casualty of the Word of Faith teaching. What you confess is what you will possess. You can have what you say. Write your own ticket with God or the devil if you don’t confess properly, I guess.

To this day she still cries when she talks about this. Did she cause this child to die in her womb because of a negative confession? She doesn’t believe that any longer but it did take a toll.




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