Posted by: papagiorgio200 | February 17, 2010

Lorri MacGregor Video: “Ye Are Gods” – Psalm 82:1 & John 10:34 (Word Faith Scripture Twisting Critiqued)

Lorri MacGregor intimates how the false teachers of the word faith movement misquote and misapply key Scriptures in the attempt to deify man. She makes the point earlier in this presentation (not included here) that there are two key aspects to the cults:

1) They Deify Man;
2) They Devolve Christ’s Deity.

From these two cultic attempts come many of the false doctrines found in the Word of Faith and Emergent movements.

This video is a must buy/purchase and is the “copyright of MM Outreach Inc.”…

…this video segment is used by explicit permission. The purchasable video can be found here:

Another resource that is a good choice is Hank Hanegraaff’s book, “Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century.”


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