Posted by: rickyd09 | February 14, 2010

Living with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Update Feb 2010

It’s been a long time since my last post, as summer has gone by so quickly and winter is flying as well. First of all I want to give my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ All the Praise, Honor, and Glory for sustaining my life everyday. Spiritually my relationship with the Lord Jesus is closer than ever. This whole ordeal of living with stage 4 prostate  cancer has truly become a teachable moment for me. I am now in the 4th year of  chemical remission and  although my PSA level has risen a little to 0.82, the roller coaster of anxiety has subsided.

The treatment is basically the same  with a few new wrinkles, a shot of  Lupron every 3 months, Lab work, a B-12 shot monthly, and Effexor  for the “Hot Flashes” and a lot of exercise.  I am really feeling almost back to normal physically and emotionally, Praise the Lord!!!!! the hot flashes really take a toll on your mind and body. It feels like your mind is constantly in a fog and your body is always tired. But now I am feeling much stronger working out especially in weight training and cardio routines. For now the cancer is controlled and dormant, if it does become active again. Different medication will be the course of action and I will face that day as a soldier for the Lord Jesus with Him leading  and guiding me every step of the way.

I start each day with some quiet time praying, seeking the Lord and reading the Bible. Presently I am reading  1st Samuel, Psalms and the Book of Isaiah. The Word of God has been so comforting and inspiring to me. Bible study is on Wednesday night and how appropriate we  are in the Book of Job. Also every Friday as part of the First Baptist prayer and visitation team I go to the local hospital and pray with those who are on the list. I am a much different person now since I was first diagnosed with cancer and better off for it. For the Lord has strengthened me and has given much more compassion for those that are in need and have trouble in life.

Thanks for all the prayers



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