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The Word of Faith, Justin Peters and The RevelationTV Debacle

From WiredForTruth

Justin Peter’s was on UK RevelationTV and it is causing quite a stir. Check this well written article out.


Revelation or Cover-up TV? A Young Calvinist’s Thoughts on the Justin Peters Debacle

Revelation TV

In a way, I’m not surprised by the story I’m about to tell you, but in a way, I am. Let’s start at the top.

Justin Peters is staff evangelist as First Baptist Church Vicksburg, MS. Justin, as well as being an evangelist and expository preacher, is known for a seminar he does around the globe called “A Call for Discernment”. Now you’d imagine that a seminar innocently called “A Call for Discernment” wouldn’t harm anyone, right? Well, this little seminar tackles some pretty hefty names – names which are close to God-like status in the Christian world of today. Y’know, the usual characters – Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar and co.

Well, Justin was in London this week, and his time on our sceptred isle included a visit to Revelation TV. Now, longtime readers of the blog will bear witness with me that I’m not the greatest fan of Christian TV in general. Revelation TV, however, tends to get a bit of a free pass from me, considering they have some good guys on their flagship show Live@Nine, formerly known as World in Focus. One of my all-time favourites will be the memorable debates between Rev. Angus Stewart, minister of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church and Pastor Timothy Ramsay on the doctrines of grace, which I discussed in a very “point-blank” article not long after it happened.

Well, one supposes that history never repeats itself. WRONG!!!!! In fact, to introduce some much-needed levity to the proceedings, let’s break and enjoy a personal favourite of mine revolving around the word “wrong”:

Having laughed sufficiently, let’s proceed in the story. Now, Justin was invited to the studios of Revelation TV to do an interview. Well, another favourite of mine, The Washer Man aka Paul Washer, was on there not too long ago and it was on the subject of “decisional regeneration” and it was quite the interesting episode, especially on a topic which many Christians disagree. Considering that went down well, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of brouhaha considering that Mr Peters has been on there before discussing the same issue (Bear THAT in mind…)




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