Posted by: TWotWoF VIDEO ROW | January 30, 2010

VIDEO: The Gospel of Health & Wealth is “Another Gospel” by David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson preaches against the false Gospel of prosperity and self being embraced wholesale by many in the Church. The Gospel of ‘Health & Wealth’ is a dangerous heretical message which twists Scriptures to feed the flesh of those who want their “Best Life Now”.

A powerful message delivered with passion and urgency, “Another Gospel” (preached originally in 1999) is a message to both those who are caught up in the ‘Word of Faith / prosperity” heresy and those who are deeply concerned with the current state of the Church.

Edifying and sound – go and share it with your friends!

Please feel free to upload it to your own sight! (The message is taken from and is not copyright).


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