Posted by: Damon Whitsell | September 2, 2009

Is it possible for a true believer to be fooled into believing the prosperity gospel?

I agree with everything that Piper said here. But I wished he would have addressed the question in another way.  Or maybe the question should have been asked in another way. Being,, “is there people who have believed in the prosperity Gospel; that have not believed the gospel of 1Corintians 15; 1-4,, and if so; are they saved?”

I believe Jesus has promised that He we remain faithful, even if we are not. But if we deny Him, He will deny us. So therefore it follows that if it is indeed a fact that the prosperity gospel is another gospel (and not the second half of the gospel as WoF’ers proclaim) and people who have believed the gospel of the grace of God through faith in Jesus start believing in things that are not truth. Jesus will be faithful for he cannot deny himself. BUT my concern is this,,,,,

Most people who become WoF are coming out of the denominations (including mainline and Pentecostal/charismatic denoms), so to me,,, their salvation is not in doubt. BUT what of those that are not previously saved? Are they being taught the salvation message clearly. Are they coming to Jesus to be saved,,, or to be “Prosperous”.  Are they coming for atonement and remission of sin through propitiation, or are they coming for gain assuming Godliness is a means of gain?

My relative said that “when she was a baptist,, all she had was the salvation message and a giving plate.” Inferring that all baptist preach is salvation. I would say that salvation is presented in three tenses in the bible,, so there is much to be preached on including justification, sanctification and our future glorification. And that baptist preach on allot of other issues.  I personally wish some baptist preachers focused as much on soteriology as they do eschatology. BUT I have never heard any WoF’er preach a straight up salvation message.

Case is point,,, at the end of Joel Osteens sermons,, he says “we would like to let people take the opportunity to make Jesus your Lord and Savior of your life” (my paraphrase, maybe he just says savior)

Can someone show me where Joel had preached a salvation message and told anyone not only how to get saved,,, but why we need to get saved in the first place?

And since Joel readily admits that he does not like to use the word sin. How do people know they even need to get saved. And how do they know to walk in sanctification and not sin. I am not a Lordship Salvation proponent, but there has to be some change at some time. Even if we backslide or become carnal again,, there should be some change in our life concerning sin. We should start hating sin.

Does the WoF teach this? And does the WoF teach the saving gospel? Or is the gospel of salvation overshadowed by the gospel of propserity?


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