Posted by: rickyd09 | July 29, 2009

Christians Stand Up and Be Counted

rg3This thursday July 30, 2009 the Collier County  FL School Board will be voting on whether to allow a pro homosexual course to be included in its sexual education curriculum. The word has gone out to all the Churches in the area to show up and voice opposition to this indoctrination  of  the children  K-12. I will be there to voice my opposition as well as hundreds of people from my Church. Sometimes Christians just throw up their hands in frustration and quit or just bury their head in the sand. Saying maybe it will go away, well I am here to say it won’t go away and we must draw a line in the sand and get active. As Christians are we supposed to stand idly by and let the ungodly people run roughshod over us and future generations ? The answer to that question is absolutely no, for years most Christians have been apathetic about actively pursing the cultural  issues and the cultural war.

Look at what’s happened to this country, we are all to blame for letting the progressives set the agenda when it comes to abortion, prayer in schools, gay rights. Christians have gone into their shell, playing church but not being the Church. It is time to stand up and let your voice be heard, before the fascist’s  take away your voice all together. And don’t think that those in charge of this government today are not thinking about doing that as well. If the Bible is made illegal like it was in the Soviet Union, and the way it is today in Communist China, church services will go underground and so will our freedom slip away if we let it. Whether we win or lose we must not wimp out, but stand up for what we believe in and not back down but fight for what is right


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