Posted by: rickyd09 | July 27, 2009

The Homosexual Agenda vs God’s Agenda


Over the past 30 years the homosexual agenda has been  been somewhat hidden in the closet, denied, or lied about and kept under a rock. Now the agenda of the Gay and Lesbian activists is totally clear  and very obvious which is to tear down and destroy the very fabric which holds society together and that is the institution of traditional marriage. How did gay rights find its way to the forefront of our nation’s policy makers and what are the consequences of religious intolerance as portrayed in the proposed “Hate Crimes” bill.

The so-called gay rights movement, found its way to this nation through the matrix of secular and ungodly lawmakers and its willing accomplices the Federal Court system. By using the same pathway as the 60’s civil rights used, and by declaring  that gay sand lesbians were a race of people they found a way to become a protected class. Now I ask you how can someone’s sexual deviation be even considered for a class status or a race of people. In the Book of Genesis chapter 19 vs 24 God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah  for the sin of homosexuality plain and simple. Homosexuality is a sin and a wicked degrading sin as well which will lead its participants into the pit of Hell for all eternity. This act is pure wickedness and immoral, not  some glorified gay right as stated  its vocal arrogant  supporters who are rebellion against God Almighty.

The gay drive for public approval of their alternative lifestyle began in the early 1970’s with efforts to portray homosexuality and its deviant sexual practices  as a valid, healthy and equally acceptable way of life. Gay activists were demanding even then that public school sex education courses taught by gays should present homosexuality as a healthy alternative. (Time, September 8,1975)  There has been an emotional manipulation of the American public. Firstly ordinary citizens have been made to feel guilty, by a constant barrage of accusations, that they are bigoted and homophobic for having seen their homosexual lifestyle as antagonistic to their basically Judeo- Christian value system. Secondly the gay militants through their acts of  violence, plainly intimidate average Americans into acceptance of their deviant homosexual lifestyle.(Kinsey, Sex, and Fraud,103) I have a word for the militant gay activists, I will not be intimidated. I will continue to stand up and speak out against the sin of homosexuality not mater what type of hate speech law is passed.

Homosexuality is a learned behavior, people are not born that way as some sympathizers say. Alfred Kinsey  the father  of sexual programming in the public school system and SEICUS espoused  that children can enjoy and benefit from sexual interaction with adults. Kinsey’s grand scheme is almost realized through establishing homosexuality as normal behavior. By promoting sexual promiscuity blurring the lines where pedophilia is concerned. Through attacking religion to undermine the Judeo-Christian concept of sin and eliminate the distinction between right and wrong. Lobbying the Judicial system  to reform sex laws so that aberrant sexual behavior is not considered criminal. To redefine Family to break the hertosexual model of nuclear family with a mother and a father.

You can be delivered from the homosexual lifestyle by repenting from sin, believing in Jesus  to be your Lord and Savior. And you will not be condemned to Hell for all Eternity. Read the Bible, join a Bible believing Church, go to  Bible study and give Jesus the praise for deliverance from a perverse and sinful lifestyle.



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