Posted by: rickyd09 | July 11, 2009

What is Happening in the Charismatic World part 2

joel-osteenjoycekimclement2Wow, it has been an amazing past two weeks. First of all since I have started speaking the truth about about the false teaching Kenneth Hagin and Word of  Faith. My wife’s cousin eliminated me from her facebook friends list. I for one was not shocked for I  am no stranger to controversies. But I am amazed  at how brainwashed people are today by the false teaching that has been circulating through the Churches in Charismania. The Bible in Isaiah 1 vs 18 calls to come now and let us to reason together. What I see happening today in the Charismatic World is a complete shutting down of any dialogue of reasoning.

There is a complete split coming , if it is not already here between Orthodox Christianity and the signs/ wonders crowd. Between  studying the Bible  and those seeking Spiritual experiences. Between the lukewarm seeker friendly  and those that will stand for the True Gospel of Christ calling sin, sin. Between the false prophets,  who  prophesy lies in the name of the Lord and those who call for repentance and a turning back to the Lord before the Judgement of God falls on America. Between those who call for Restoration and what is truly needed Reformation.

The Bible says in II Timothy 4 vs 3 &4 “For the time will come when they(Christians) will not endure sound Doctrine; but they after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears”. The sign that we are now seeing by the proliferation of all the false teachers, false prophets is God’s Judgement on the Church for it must begin in the House of God first.( 1st Peter 4 vs 17 & 18. Look at Joel Osteen, Joyce Myers, “Positive” and Happy Gospel” and compare it to the  true teachings of Jesus in the Gospels there is a big difference. Paul Washer has spoken clearly about this subject as well.

Do we need to hear from the false prophets like Kim Clement, Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, and the like to know what is going on in the world today. Wake up Christians !!!! Wake up people!!!!!!!!!! Read your Bible and understand the signs of the times, Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man (Mathew 24 vs 37 & 38)

The time is right for reformation, to turn from these false teachers, repent and understand that the Church will not subdue all nations for Christ as Kingdom Now and Manifest Sons of God teaches. But Jesus will rapture for his Church first, then the 7 year Tribulation period, and at the end of the Great Tribulation Jesus comes back again at the battle of Armageddon. Just as the  Bible  says in the Book of Revelation!!!!!!!



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