Posted by: Damon Whitsell | June 30, 2009

Should’nt Church Be A Safe Place?

Church Should Be A Safe Place

My family and I went this morning to the church we occasionally attend. It’s part of a well-known denomination and they meet in an office space with about 25 people. This Sunday they had Communion. I haven’t taken Communion in about a year. It was nice. No fanfare, no pre-offering sermon, no personal stories about the Richard Petty racing experience, hunting trips to the Yukon, McDonald’s Fillet-O-Fish sandwiches or references to an airplane that the speaker did not actually own. There was just a sermon from Psalm 24 about God’s holiness, our sin and God’s mercy toward us

I came out of the service today reminded how church is supposed to be a safe place, not a place to be preyed upon. At my old Word of Faith church they used to say “It’s a matter of life and death where you go church.” It’s true. Because of the narcissistic and exploitative leadership, the sins that went on and the disturbing culture that was developed in the church, it was death to many people in many ways.


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