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Exposing the Tic Toc/FINAL WORD Cult: Others Experience with the Denningtons

PART 1 Exposing the Tic Toc/FINAL WORD Cult: My experience with Monica and Gary Dennington

Since I made the first post, that detailed my friend and my experience Monica and Gary Dennington, I have learned that asking people and families to move to Dallas to help them with their ministry is not a one time occurrence. In fact after making the post and the video, I have found out that they have asked at least two other families to move to Dallas and be a part of their group doing TV and ministry together.

I stated that the Denningtons asked my family and my friends family to move to Dallas in several video (about the Denningtons) comment areas, and I was contacted by a woman who chooses to remain anonymous. Her and her husband both are taking the stance that the Denningtons will get exposed without them. But I do not really think silence and apathy is acceptable to God or the body of Christ at large. Simply put. If someone hurts you,, it helps others if you tell your story. But because the couple wants to remain un-named, I will quote their email comments to me,,, but not name them.

TO THE DENNINGTONS AND FOLLOWERS: I am fully prepared to talk to any authorities that is required of me, to insure this family, and the other family I will be mentioning, remains safe und un-harassed. In case of any retaliation towards them, I will be willing to cooperate however I can to help. BUT I must not remain silence and I have to use the information they gave me to expose what needs to be exposed.


Here is the first email I received.

“hello well we have been contimplating exposing them since about march but have stopped and we see God is allowing it to crumble all on its own. The last time They asked us to do some shows on their channel also and we actually moved our whole family down there. Talk about the biggest mistake we are still paying for it. I want you to know That Monica is very controlled by her husband. It is her husband that puts her up to all of this and controls her like a puppet. It is very sad actually, and we wondered often if she was abused. I am not under my real name because I am not ready to outwardly talk about what happened when we where down there. I want you to know Monica is a super sweet person but her husband is very abusive to her in a way that is more verbal and controlling. First off they tricked us they had this whole “storm the gates of hell thing” and we thought they were just talking about sin period, Then when we get down there they are like 1 block away from TBN and they said their whole plan is to take the camera down there and stand in front of TBN and expose them. We were like>>>WHAT!! we do not want to do that. So we were praying like hard, because we had no money to leave. Like 2 days before the “whole launch of there channel her husband (which was unders a lot of stress to launch the channel) blows up at us about some silly head was so crazy, My husband told Him um Gary calm down, but he kept yelling. So we quietly got all our stuff and left. I really thought by the looks of their ministry they were around a lot of people but they are not they are Hermits. Anyways God bless all you do.”

Then I sent out this response,,,

“hello maam,, Thanks for writing. I have been awake for a long time and was fixing to go to sleep. But I wanted to tell you I got your PM and that after I think about it. I might write you back. I sure hope you and your family made it home OK. God bless you,,, damon”

And got this as a response,,,

“thank you we are fine now it is just weird cuz I use to beg my husband. Just make a video about them, but he wouldnt because he said “they will come down without my help” He said you cannot keep treating people bad and think your going to prosper. So Now I see it is good to listen to your But I love them I feel very bad for monica cuz she gets the beatings. Her husband pushes her out there on the chopping block while he hides in the back ground. there is something wrong with Him. He secludes her and their framily. I feel super bad for her she seems very brainwashed. I am not joking he tells her what to wear, eat, when to clean. And when she is shooting if she does not nail it the way he wants it said, he yells at her. Gary always says “we have a job to do” Well Gary your JOB does not over ride loving your neighbor and treating them right. I pray for monica to seperate from Gary because he has already been married before, she is too young for him and he treats her like a child.
thanks for listening it is hard to find poeople who know them.


I have watched almost every video that was made to Monica Dennington’s Calvinism series. But I found Bianca’s video series examining Tic Toc’s doctrines. As a result I had a converstaion on the phone with Bianca (aprodigalchild) and an email exchange where Bianca claimed,,,,,,,

“I know another couple besides them that have been somewhat involved and ran…they to so far didn’t come public.”

And then Biance claimed,,,,,

“I have been contacted by other witnesses that have been out there and witnessed some very key and serious things going on with the Denningtons.They are not yet recovered to the point of coming out public with it all.Let’s pray they muster up the courage to do so,I told them they owe it to others so as they don’t become hurt as they did….But some don’t want to be in the battle I suppose.I wonder what we will do when the End Times comes and we will be faced eye to eye with evil…How many will stand?”

The quotes above are unaltered by me. I offer them without the consent of the writers, for the sake of others.

The anonymous writer that I quoted stated that she believed Monica was being abused and controlled by her husband Gary. Since my interaction with the Denningons has not been close enough to know whether this is the case or not. I will leave that for you to decide for yourself. If Monica is being abused, she should leave,,, if she is not,,, she is an abuser of other people herself and they both need to repent.

But what I was concerned about seems to be true. That either Monica or Gary, or both are aspiring to be a leader of a cult group, and one of them is a sociopath with narcissistic personality disorder.  A single charismatic figure (not in the theological sense)  or person usually leads up the group. And they assemble around themselves like minded people. Or at least try to.


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