Posted by: rickyd09 | June 26, 2009

Living with Stage IV Prostate Cancer Update


The past 2 weeks  have been filled with some anxiety, quite expectation and a lot of Bible reading. Waiting for test results are never fun, but the Lord has revealed to me through His Word that we are to be anxious for nothing and to rest  and put all our cares on Him. Well the results are in from my latest PSA test and Praise the Lord my  PSA level has gone back down to 0.21 from 0.32. My oncologist was pleased and I was jumping for joy. I started to share part of my testimony of how Jesus changed my life with my Oncologist who listened and thanked me for sharing. Living with stage IV prostate cancer is a very humbling and rewarding  experience. Humbling because it keeps my view on life in the right perspective, rewarding because  through it I have a opportunity to share my faith about Jesus. As the days and months go by I will always be grateful for being able to inspire someone to keep on fighting cause Jesus is our example and he never quit.

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