Posted by: John Edwards | June 24, 2009

Is Jesus Christ Wimpy or Gay?

Gay Jesus?

jesus rulesYesterday our associate pastor Brad preached a sermon about how real men should live and used events and descriptions of Jesus from the Bible. Brad painted a different picture of Jesus than the one most liberals and Hollywood depict.

The entertainment industry has given us a gay Jesus. A weakling. A big sissy. I never watch any of those Jesus movies that come out around Easter because I cant stand the casting. They always use a weak pathetic actor to be Jesus, and Jesus always acts like a mama’s boy in the movies. A girly guy.

Not so in the Bible. The real Jesus was a tough guy that stood in the face of certain death everyday to preach His message. Every time He preached, He was in real danger of being stoned by the Pharisees or arrested by the Romans. He on purpose healed and did miracles in such a way that would anger and infuriate the religious establishment. He called Herod a “fox” which is the same today as calling someone a queer. On one occasion Jesus fashioned a whip and ran through the Temple whipping the moneychangers and tumping the money tables upside down. That took guts. There were Temple Police everywhere when He did it. On another occasion, Jesus stands between an angry mob and a woman taking in adultery. Jesus stood between the woman and the ones that held the rocks to stone her.

Jesus stood up on the edge of a boat in the middle of a storm at night and rebuked the winds and the waves. Jesus stood toe to toe with Pilate with no fear. When the Pharisees came to arrest Him, they took 500 men armed with clubs and spears. Jesus was no sissy. Soldiers and Rulers were afraid of Him. A wild man filled with a thousand devils collapsed at the feet of Jesus for mercy.

Jesus was such a tough guy that he survived an all night beating, a crown of thorns and a Roman scourging without dying. Most prisoners died from the scourging alone. Jesus endured a Crucifixion from which we get our word excruciating.

Jesus loved to stir up the religious rulers. He called them names and insulted them. He called a spade a spade. Jesus was not politically correct. He angered people every day. He walked like a man. He acted like a man. He was and still is, The Man.

And when He comes back, He is coming for blood with a two edged sword in His mouth, white garments dipped in blood, and a tattoo down His leg. He is coming back to tread out the wine presses of God’s wrath and fury. Jesus is coming back as Judge and Executioner on the ones that have rejected Him as Lord. Every knee will bow in Hollywood, Wall Street, Washington and Hell and proclaim that Jesus is Lord. Every dictator, every King, every President, every celebrity.



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