Posted by: John Edwards | June 19, 2009

The Word of Faith and Sign Gifts

The Sign Gifts???

word of faithI grew up in the Baptist Church until I was 21 years old. Then I backslid for ten years and never went to church while I was in the Marines or when I was a Police Officer. Then in 1994 I started attending Word of Faith churches. I attended RHEMA Bible Training Center from 1996 to 1998 and sat under the teaching ministry of Kenneth Hagin. Then I pastored a Word of Faith church for ten years. I left the Word of Faith Movement and the pastorate in October of 2008. I am now hooked up with Seven Springs Church.

After almost two years of extensive study, I no longer believe that the Sign Gifts, that are listed in 1st Corinthians 12:7-10 are real in the Church today. I do not see any evidence of these gifts in the Church today. I believe they were intended for the Apostolic Age to confirm the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Apostles and Early church folks. To the Jews of the day, the Gospel of Jesus Christ was so radically different than the Law of Moses, that God had to confirm it through mighty and indisputable signs and wonders. That is the same way God always spoke to Israel. In the Exodus, in the days of the Prophets, and in the dawning of the Church, God displayed and confirmed His message with powerful signs. These are the only three times in History that God has done this. The rest of the time man has had to rest on the Word of God.

Lets look at these sign gifts for a few minutes and see if they do indeed operate in the Church today:

1) Word of Wisdom. In the Word of Faith, this means that someone gives you a precise bit of supernatural advanced knowledge about something in your life. Other denominations have different definitions of these gifts, but I am coming from a Word of Faith perspective. I cannot say that I have seen this operate in all honesty. Everyone that had a “word” for me missed it. And they always knew enough about my life to say things that rang true. I cannot ever remember a time where someone spoke a word to me that came to pass that had absolutely no knowledge of my life. Not once.

2. Word of Knowledge. This is when someone speaks about your past or current situation. Again, I cannot name one time where someone did this ,without having some knowledge of me. Every time someone has spoken a word to me they either knew me, or we knew someone in common. Many, many preachers pass information about church folks to each other.

3) Gift of Miracles. I have never seen a true Biblical miracle. I dont know of any person in the world that can do miracles. Im talking about raising someone from the dead, changing rocks into bread, parting the oceans, etc. Be real, no one is doing this stuff, although television is full of preachers lying about these things.

4) Gift of healings. I don’t know of a single person that has the Gift to heal anyone. That crap in Lake Land with Todd Bentley was a complete fraud. There is no evidence of anyone getting cured without medicine of serious diseases without doctors. Show me one single amputee that has been healed. Show me one single retarded person that has been healed. Show me one single deformed person that has been healed.

5) Gift of Faith. Has anyone been moving any mountains lately? I have never seen anyone move a mountain.

7) Tongues and interpretation of tongues. In the Bible, this is when people proclaimed the Gospel in known languages that were unknown to them. For instance, it would be like me speaking the Gospel in French having never known the language. I have never seen anyone do this to my knowledge. In fact, I have been to thousands of Word of Faith services, and I have never seen these gifts operate in a genuine way that cannot be explained away.
8) Gift of Prophesy. In the Word of Faith, this means to tell the future. I have heard tons of prophesies that were bogus and fell to the ground.

9) Gift of discernment. Ummmm, maybe this one is still active, but Word of Faith people don’t operate in it!

I do believe in the supernatural power of God. I believe that God can heal and that He answers prayers. I also believe that Familiar Spirits operate in the Church and deceive millions through bogus gifts. I can give a lot of testimonies and evidences that these “gifts” have been used to manipulate millions of sincere Christians.


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