Posted by: John Edwards | June 19, 2009

My New Church: Seven Springs Church Calera Alabama

Seven Springs Church Calera Alabama
I joined a Baptist church a few weeks ago. I’m still pinching myself. I would have never thought that I would end up being Baptist again, but after a fourteen year prison sentence with the Word of Faith Movement, it is the best place to get deprogrammed. I have been going since the first of the year. I have been there six months now.

I had been a victim of a system of spiritual abuse and bondage. Now I am free. It’s a lot like the feeling I had when I finished my four years with the Marine Corps. Relief. Joyful. Excitement. A fresh start. Here is how I found my new church:

I was at the Shelby County courthouse taking care of some personal business. Actually I was there to apply for the Sheriff’s job. I just happened to see the Shelby County Baptist Association across the street. So, I went inside of that place and asked them two simple questions. 1) Do you know of any pastors that actually give a rip about their people? (in case you haven’t noticed, many pastors don’t give a darn about their people)2)If so, is he Reformed? (That means that he believes in the Doctrines of Grace, or Calvinism) Well the fellow there gave me two numbers. One was for the pastor of Calera First Baptist, and the other was for the pastor at Seven Springs. I called both and left messages. The pastor from Seven Springs just happened to call back first. I have been with Seven Springs every since.
The Senior Pastor is Leonard Smith. The associate is Brad St. George. Both of them are outstanding pastors that care about people. Both are “REAL”, and both of them are excellent teachers of the Word.

They teach the Bible by the book, verse by verse. I have never been under this type of teaching. The sermons are not based on subjects, but on texts. I really enjoy the teachings, and they have really help me recover from the wrong teachings that I had been in for so long. No one judged me for having been in a cultic and false church for so many years.

My favorite time is called Community Group on Wednesday nites. We just sit around Brad’s house and he teaches on the attributes of God. It has totally renewed my mind of who God really is. You have to remember that the Word of Faith is very similar to New Age, Mormanism and Christian Science. It has taken me six months to get all of that crap out of my head. The staff has allowed me to ask all kinds of questions. They have been very good to me.

When my youngest son Brian was in ICU last month, just about the whole church came by to visit with us. It was a great encouragement. The whole staff came. That is rare in church these days. I appreciated it.

Our services are at the Calera Middle School on Sunday mornings at 10:30. The dress is very casual. I wear shorts and flip flops. The pastor wears jeans. It is a great atmosphere to be in every week. The praise and worship is contemporary. Sometimes they do the old hymns with a new beat. They even raise their hands and dance a little. That’s pretty good for Baptist!


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