Posted by: John Edwards | June 8, 2009

” I Get Criticized By Experts” Kenneth Hagin

” I Get Criticized By Experts” Kenneth Hagin

I was in Kenneth Hagin’s classrooms at RHEMA for two years. I was ordained by him. He laid his hands on top of my head and said “Yep Yep” when he prayed for me. That is why my email address is The 1124 comes from Mark 11:24.

In addition to having been taught in person by Kenneth Hagin, I have also listened to hundreds of his sermons on tape and in person. I am an authority on the theology and culture of the Word of Faith Movement. I am an expert in the field.

Looking back on my days at RHEMA, one of Kenneth Hagin’s favorite expressions was ” I get criticized by experts”.

Well there is good reason why.

1) It is common knowledge that he plagiarized massive amounts of EW Kenyon’s writings which were a mixture of New Age, Christian Science and the Bible. Kenneth Hagin denied having plagiarized Kenyon. He even told one investigator that he got those same words from the Spirit of God. That is called lying. If he lied about his plagiarism, he may have been lying about his eight visitations from Jesus.

2) It is also common knowledge that Kenneth Hagin had heart disease all of his life, yet he testified on hundreds of occasions that he walked in Divine health. Kenneth Hagin’s erroneous teachings on faith and healing, which never worked for him or his family, has brought millions of sick folks under condemnation.

In light of these two points, I cannot believe in any vision or spiritual experiences that he claimed to have had.

Kenneth Hagin taught extensively from his visions which have tremendous theological and scriptural holes in them. I have heard Kenneth Hagin make some of the most outlandish false statements that I have ever heard from a pulpit. His theology was rotten to the core. That is why he was constantly being criticized by experts. He needed to be criticized for his teachings. They are wrong and dangerous.


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