Posted by: John Edwards | May 26, 2009

The Flawed Foundation Of Word Of Faith Theology Part 2

The Flawed Foundation Of Word Of Faith Theology Part 2

Word of Faith teachers do not believe that God is Sovereign. Word of Faith theology is is comprised of elements from Christian Science, New Age, Eastern Mysticism, Witchcraft, and the Bible. The Word of Faith definition of the Sovereignty of God is quiet the opposite of the definition used by traditional and orthodox Christianity. Word of Faith teaches that God is able to do anything, but that He is bound by fixed spiritual laws that He created. He is also hampered and hindered in His plans by mankind’s disobedience. In the Word of Faith theology, man is in complete dominion of the earth and God is limited by man’s faith and obedience. One of Kenneth Hagin’s favorite quotes was from John Wesley who said that “It seems that God is unable to do anything lest we ask Him”. Kenneth Hagin often commented that if God was in control, then He sure had made a mess of things. In Word of Faith theology, man rules the world and his life by his faith and his words. Word of Faith teaches that man’s words can create. They believe that man rules through his words, and that your circumstances are like they are because of the words that you have spoken.
In Word of Faith theology, God can do nothing unless man does something. They do not believe that God is in control. Everything negative in life is because of Satan or because of words that were spoken in fear and unbelief. The truth is that our words can influence, but they cannot create. Only God can create. Man cannot create something from nothing. Only God can do that.
In the Word of Faith theology God is depending on man and reacting to man’s decisions. God is hindered and hampered and frustrated.
All of this is bad theology and Humanism. It puts man in charge and attempts to reduce God into a humanistic world view.
The Bible teaches clearly from Genesis to Revelations that God is unlimited in power and that God is always in complete control of every atom and action in the universe. God is not frustrated and He is not limited. The true definition of Sovereignty is that God CAN and DOES as He wants. He is never ever dependent on man for anything period. He is God. He is not hindered and His purposes always come to pass precisely as He wills.
The Word of Faith is Humanism. Plain and simple. Much More Later.


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