Posted by: John Edwards | May 26, 2009

All About Wofers (Word Of Faith Folks)

All About Wofers (Word Of Faith Folks)

I will use the term “Wofers” to describe Word of Faith teachers and members.
Wofers are some of the most superstitious folks that you will ever meet. They are full of fear and very legalistic. That is because they have been brainwashed to believe that every word that they speak will come to pass just as they have spoken it. Wofers believe that they can create with their words. We all know that words can influence, but only God can create something out of nothing. Wofers are paranoid about their confession. If they would just calm down and open their eyes, they would notice that even people with a negative confession get blessed, and that Wofers experience everything that other people experience. Most every famous Word of Faith preacher died of cancer or heart disease. They had faith and died sick.
Wofers believe that physical healing is in the Atonement and confess 1st Peter 2:24 for healing when they are sick. Of course they are taking this scripture out of its context just like they do the rest of the Bible. If healing were in the Atonement, then everyone would be instantly healed at the moment of salvation. Wofers are just as sick as Baptist, but they are too blind with faith and spiritual pride to notice. I used to get an RHEMA alumni magazine every so often and I was always shocked at how many RHEMA grads had died since the last issue. We were supposed to be faith giants.
Wofers are fixated on material blessings. You cannot listen to a Wofer very long before they start talking about money, wealth and prosperity. The Wofer teachers on television, such as Michael Murdock rarely teach about anything else. Its all about the money. When I was a Wofer, one of my favorite Wofer teachers was Mark Hankins. He only preaches on three subjects: Prosperity, confession, and In Christ scriptures. He has hundreds of sermon titles, but only three sermons. His teaching on Who we are in Christ is so extreme that it hints at Humanism. It glorifies man and elvates him to the level of God. That is another problem with Wofers. Everything in the Word of Faith Movement revolves around mankind and his blessings. This is because EW Kenyon, the founder of the Movement, was a New Age enthusiast. His writings are full of Christian Science and New Age catch phrases. Kenneth Hagin plagiarized much of Kenyon’s work, therefore the entire Word of Faith Movement is New Age.
Wofers love to attend prosperity seminars. There they are told that if they sow money into the good ground of a successful ministry, that God will make them rich. I once saw a woman at Camp Meeting in Tulsa running Glory laps while holding a sign with money taped all over it. When I was at RHEMA, we would do the “Money Cometh” cheer at offering time. It was sickening to me even then.
Wofers also pray to angels. They were taught to by Kenneth Hagin. He taught that we should tell our angles to go forth and cause our money to come in. Sounds New Age to me!
Wofers are very gullible people. They fall for almost anything that a faith teacher says or does. Just think of the thousands of Wofers that were duped by Todd Bentley in his false revival in Lake Land last year. Bentley was doing so many things that cannot be found in the Bible, but did the Wofers care? Heck no, anything goes. Holy Laughter is not in the Bible, laying on hands to fall out in the Spirit is not in the Bible, sowing money seeds for healing is not in the Bible, but Wofers will fight you over these false doctrines.
Wofers will believe and receive anything said or claimed by the popular faith teachers. Kenneth Hagin taught extensively from his visions. So does Jesse Duplantis and others. Even though the Bible clearly warns about this, Wofers buy into the teaching hook, line and sinker.
Wofers are also very selective in their Bible reading. They only high light the healing and prosperity scriptures. They don’t read other parts of the Bible, cause the Whole of the Bible doesn’t support the Word of Faith teaching. If you really want to get a good long laugh, ask a Wofer to explain the Book of Job to ya. Get ready to roll your pants legs up on this one, cause the crap is going to get deep! More later, much, much more!


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