Posted by: John Edwards | May 25, 2009

The Flawed Foundation Of Word Of Faith Theology Part 1

The Flawed Foundation Of Word Of Faith Theology Part 1

Word of Faith theology and culture has been built upon a crooked and false foundation. Word of Faith theology is full of error, out of context scripture, improper hermeneutics, fantastical claimed visions and reeks of New Age influences.
I would like to take some time today to point out a few of the more dangerous cracks in the foundation which affect the whole Word of Faith culture and experience. I myself was a false teacher and a false prophet for many years and I have seen first hand the pain, disappointment and disillusionment this message brings to the lives of sincere Christians. Lets examine a few of these dangerous flaws.
Paul said that he would build on no other foundation than Jesus Christ. Paul also warned that we were not to receive any other revelation, even if it was from an angel from Heaven. Jude said that we have received the faith completed. Yet Kenneth Hagin taught extensively from his visions. In two of his teaching series, “The Authority of the Believer” (which he plagiarized much of the content)and his teaching series “How to write your own ticket with God” Hagin spends several hours teaching about what Jesus taught him about faith and spiritual warfare. This is in direct violation of Galatians 1:6-9! Kenneth Hagin is adding to the Gospel! He claims extra revelation and truth from Jesus Christ! This is no less dangerous than Joseph Smith claiming revelation from Jesus. Both are false prophets according to Scripture. Kenneth Hagin had numerous false predictions and failed prophesies. One of his biggest flops was when he claimed that there would be a special move of God in a unprecedented way that would usher in the Second Coming of Christ in his meetings in St. Louis back in the 1990’s. The meetings were a bust.
The problem is that many Word of Faith people base much of their theology on Kenneth Hagin’s visions and Bible interpretation. I know that I did for fourteen years.
Kenneth Hagin also claimed to have walked in Divine Health but was suffering from heart disease for much of his life and was under a doctors care. Kenneth Hagin said that when he was in Heaven that he saw the throne of God, and the outline of God’s body, but the Bible says that God is a spirit and that no man has seen God at any time.
Kenneth Hagin is not the only Word of Faith preacher with flawed theology and bogus claims. Jesse Duplantis has made a fortune off of his ridiculous “Close Encounters of the God Kind” teaching series. Jesse’s trip to Heaven is much more fantastic than Hagin’s! In Heaven Jesse gets to see God’s finger twitch! Yet millions of Charismatics swallow these heretical claims hook, line and sinker. Theologians have found more scriptural holes in theses visions than a fish net has.
Many Charismatics are sincerely seeking the power of God and too easily drink the kool aid of heretical poison.
More later. MUCH, MUCH MORE!


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