Posted by: John Edwards | May 25, 2009

Benny Hinn’s Ministry Style Compared To The Way Jesus Healed

Benny Hinn’s Ministry Style Compared To The Way Jesus Healed

Benny Hinn is a showman. He has been investigated many times by reporters, scholars and media because of his extravagant lifestyle, his outrageous claims of miracles, and his rotten to the core theology. He is currently under investigation by a Senator.
It fascinates me that there are so many Christians out there that follow Benny Hinn with absolute blind faith. Faith so blind that they cannot see the glaring obvious!
HBO recently did a follow up investigation of thirteen people that Benny Hinn claimed to have been healed in his meetings. None of the people had been healed.
The Jesus of the Bible had a completely different style of ministry. His healings were real and undeniable. He cured everything instantly and permanently. The people that Jesus healed did not have to follow up with chemo therapy or radiation. Jesus opened eyes that had been blind since birth. Jesus raised the dead and made the maimed whole.
Benny Hinn heals no one, but he makes bold claims.
Benny travels in luxury, wears flashy clothing, preforms theatrics such as waving his hands across the congregation to make people fall out. I dont see in the Bible where Jesus blew on people to make them fall out, or throw his robe at folks to make them fall out, but Benny does all the time. None of this is Biblical. The Bible has no examples of Jesus and the Apostles laying hands on people and making them fall out. Jesus always reflected honor and glory to the Father. Jesus traveled on foot and lived among the poor. Benny flies in jets and has paid hotel tabs of over three thousand dollars for one night. Jesus had no where to lay his head but Benny has an expensive mansion.
Jesus taught the very words of the Father, in Spirit and truth. Benny’s teaching is so scattered and bizarre that his sermons cause roars of laughter from theologians.
I have heard Benny preach some of the silliest doctrines that I have ever heard.
Hopefully one day TBN will quit selling the Gospel and start sharing it.


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