Posted by: papagiorgio200 | May 20, 2009

Prayer Mom Falls Ill at Trial

I don’t think anyone got the irony of this situation. (Source) — see also: Religio-Political Talk

A woman who refused to seek medical attention for her dying daughter needed medical help herself after falling ill Saturday about 20 minutes into her trial on a second-degree reckless homicide charge….

…. Howard ordered paramedics to be called to evaluate her condition. Members of the Wausau Fire Department checked Neumann’s blood pressure and monitored her heart and she was cleared to return to the courtroom without additional medical help, Linehan said.

Leilani, 41, was brought back to the courtroom in a wheelchair. She moved to a regular chair and told Howard she was ready to continue.

…. But soon after prosecutor Lamont Jacobson began his opening statement, the Neumann, 41, fainted at the defense table.

Paramedics checked her out, and placed her in a wheelchair after finding that her vital signs were normal.

The statements then resumed, but Circuit Judge Vincent Howard waited until this morning to have the state present its first witnesses….


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