Posted by: John Edwards | May 16, 2009

Is The Word Of Faith New Age?

Is The Word Of Faith New Age?

Absolutely! The Word of Faith Movement is a mixture of EW Kenyon’s New Age Gospel and the heretical teachings and revelations of kenneth Hagin.
The Word of Faith, like the New Age, teaches that man can create with his words. The Bible does not teach this. Man cannot create. Only God can create. The Word of Faith and New Age teach that our words have creative power to change circumstances and to produce health and wealth. This is a Humanistic heresy.
The Bible does teach that our words can INFLUENCE, but it does not teach that we can create. When God creates something, He does it by Ex Nihilo, out of NOTHING! When God spoke the worlds into existence, He created them out of NOTHING. He did not use His faith, because He does not need anything or any help.
My words can influence my children, friends, feelings and attitudes, but I cannot speak money, cars and healings out of my mouth. Positive confession is a form of witchcraft. Man cannot create anything without using something that is already in existence.
Words can influence, but they cannot create. only God can create. That is the error of the Word of Faith, trying to be like God.


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