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A Word of Faith Lesson Unlearned

A Lesson Unlearned

A good friend of mine told me a story the other day:

He and wife were students at Rhema Bible Training Center. They didn’t have a car, and they wanted one! They had heard a message about naming what you want, then claiming it according to the promises of God. The light came on. They didn’t have a car because they hadn’t used their faith to get one! So they mustered all the faith they had, then began calling that car into existence. They were sure that they would have a car by the end of the week. Days went by – no car. Weeks passed – no car. Months flew by – still no manifestation of that car! Finally, after more than a year of confessing and believing, his wife now 7 months pregnant with their first child – still no car. He was a bit angry with God now. So he decided to ask Him what was wrong. Why didn’t their faith work? Where was their car? God answered him. He told him that he didn’t NEED a car. God reminded him that they lived across the street from school, from church AND from work. It was a five minute walk to all those places. God even pointed out to him that Wal-Mart was not even a mile away, and they had many friends with cars who often asked him and his wife to go with them to the grocery store. God reminded him that gas prices shot through the roof over the last year, and that with his current salary, he wouldn’t have even been able to afford the gas! Finally, he said that God told him that now is the time for him to have a car.

So, did my friend learn the lesson that God knows best? Did he accept the fact that only God, in His infinite wisdom knows what we really need? Did he realize that the answers to our prayers is sometimes a big fat “NO”, or “No, not yet”? I’ll let him answer that question with the rest of the story…

He told me that the next morning was a Sunday. Pastor Hagin preached a great message on holding on to your faith, like a bulldog. He admonished the congregation with inspiring stories in dramatic tones to never give up on that for which they were believing God. “Never let it go!”, he cried with fists clenched high in the air. My friend and his wife looked at each other, eyes sparkling with excitement. At the end of his rousing sermon, Pastor Hagin told the congregation to stand up and reach out with their hands and grab in faith what it was that they were believing for from God! So, he and his wife did just that. They claimed that car, finally knowing that it was God’s perfect timing. He told me that they realized that it just wasn’t the right time over a year ago for them to have a car, that they had asked God prematurely, then given up on their faith too soon when the car failed to materialize. He went on to tell me that not 5 hours after they claimed that car there in the Rhema church auditorium, a family member called him up to tell him that she wanted to give them her car. Well, that was it. Their faith had worked. They got God to give them a car.

End of the story? Not quite. It was only later that I found out that car came with a catch. The family member had to ditch the car because she couldn’t keep up with the monthly payments, having been recently laid off. So they would have to take over payments. They saw it as an answer to prayer. I’m sorry, but I don’t see it. Instead of thanking God for not giving him what he was asking for because it would have put him in the red financially, instead of realizing that God knows better than we do what we need, instead of accepting that God is ultimately in control, this wonderful friend of mine missed it all. He just didn’t get it. God spoke to his heart and gave him the answer of “why?” – a bonus, I must say, that not many of us get when asking God that question – and yet he missed it. He still put more faith in his faith than he did in the Lord. He thought that it was his faith that got him that car, he just didn’t get it.

In light of that story I pose a question. When we want something or think we need something that we don’t have, why not simply ask God, in His sovereign wisdom, to give us that thing only if He deems it necessary, trusting that He, as our loving Father, knows better than we! In the meantime, why not simply thank God for supplying all our need, and taking care of our daily needs, as He promised in His word, knowing that He knows what we need even before we ask Him! It seems to me that doing that would demonstrate more faith and trust in God than demanding from Him something we want without even consulting His infinite wisdom!


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