Posted by: John Edwards | May 11, 2009

Ex-Word of Faith Pastor John Edwards: My Year Of Changes

My Year Of Changes

I have had many major changes in my life over the last year. I was talking to a customer about all of the wild stuff that I have been through since I left the Word of Faith Movement that I was amazed about how God has blessed and sustained me through it all. In the past year, I have lost my job twice, I lost all of my savings. I lost my church, my vision, my new church building, all of my staff, my board members, all of my friends, my house, my retirement, my credentials and most importantly I changed religions! Talk about stress factors and drama.
I wouldn’t change a thing! I do not think that I have ever been this happy in my life. I have never had this much faith either. I have a cool house in a new town. I love where I live better than anywhere else that I have ever lived. I love my job. I have a new church and a new pastor. I have a whole new circle of friends. My family is happy. My youngest is in a much better school system. God has poured out His best blessings on us.
The best thing is that I a whole new understanding of God and the Bible. It has taken months of renewing my mind to erase all of the Word of Faith garbage that I didn’t even know was there. I am so free and full of peace. The Word of Faith was total deception, bondage and endless works. I never knew that I could feel so clean and peaceful. God has been so wonderful! It is so great to be a Calvinist in a Southern Baptist Church! I am so glad that things have worked out the way they have. What a difference a year makes.


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