Posted by: Damon Whitsell | May 9, 2009

“It’s a shame that this world is the only heaven some people will know” because they listened to RICH PREACHERS!

Nobody Will Listen to a Broke Preacher?

prophetess-bynumAccording to Juanita Bynum, no one will listen to a broke preacher.  I guess that disqualifies the apostles.  But, they don’t preach the gospel handed down through the apostles anyway… their theology is about money, not about Christ Jesus.

In this video you will see typical Word of Faith doctrine.  Bynum says the Holy Spirit needs a big mouth, and when He opens His mouth it needs to be filled with money.  In other words (according to Bynum’s theology), the Holy Spirit needs money and property for His voice to be heard in society.  I would like to see a Scripture reference for that!

Does this sicken you?  Word of Faith theology is not about Christ Jesus and Him crucified.  It’s about money – filthy lucre.  I submit, they have their reward.

It’s a shame that this world is the only heaven some people will know.  (Thanks to J. Vernon McGee for that little snippet of wisdom.)

The hypnotic and controlling effect ministers have over people who put too much faith in them is quite alarming.   If you want to see how susceptible and gullible people are, fast forward to the 6:05 minute mark.  When Bynum tells the people to start running, you guessed it…they start running.   From there on out, it’s bedlam.  People start running, rolling, jumping, twirling, high stepping, running into each other, and more or less, taking leave of their common senses.  They’re running because of financial prosperity, not because Jesus is alive and on the throne at the right hand of the Father, not because their sins are forgiven.  This can not and will not happen to Biblically grounded, spirit led Christians who put their trust in the truth of God’s Word.  When people put more faith in the heretic in the pulpit than they do in God’s truth, the only thing that can result is complete blindness and deception.

The below video is from 1998, from a service held at Rod Parsley’s World Harvest church.  Why post a video from 1998?  That’s old news!  Well, it’s really quite simple… people still follow this woman, calling her a mighty prophet of God.  But, looking back at her history you can tell much about the woman behind the microphone.  Her background isn’t in solid Biblical truth… it’s in Word of Faith heresy.


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