Posted by: Damon Whitsell | May 9, 2009

Kenneth Copeland Refuses To Tell Local Government How He Spends His Money

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Accuses Appraisal District of Discrimination

I wonder if he has a legal leg to stand on?  They’ll do anything to keep the salaries hidden from public eye view.  Kenneth Copeland’s ministry is a non-profit organization, yet he refuses to be transparent to his donors or tax officials.  That sends up massive red flags.

Copeland will take people’s money, but won’t tell them what he’s doing with it.  Interesting.

Check it out:

Kenneth Copeland Ministries is fighting back against the Tarrant Appraisal District in a bid to win tax exemption for its $3.6 million jet.

In late January, the ministry filed a lawsuit alleging that the district had engaged in religious discrimination and had violated the U.S. and Texas constitutions by denying the exemption.

At issue is the ministry’s refusal to disclose to the district salaries of directors and employees, including Copeland, his wife and other ministers. The information is required for the exemption, district officials say.  Source.

The apostle Paul said that those who preach the gospel should make their living from the gospel.  Their living.  I have no problem with a preacher receiving a salary.  But, Paul never said that you could twist or pervert God’s Word to fleece money off of people so that you can live an extravagant lifestyle.  Copeland would have you believe it is God who is prospering him, but God didn’t give him that money… he stole it off of the sick, wounded, financially destitute, and desperate.  They took the money from their pockets, and put it into his pockets.  Get it?  The money didn’t come from heaven, it came from people.  What people like Copeland won’t tell you is that the reason he is successful is because he has a biblically illiterate audience who are willing to give him their money.  When he says God will return your offering ten, twenty, or one-hundred fold, he forgets to mention that if you don’t have the same dynamic he has (i.e. a large audience willing to give you money), you won’t make money.  You put it into Copeland’s coffers, it’s gone!

Think about it!  Are you going to give money to God only to get money in return?  Or, are you going to give money to ministries who send out missionaries who preach the gospel in order that souls will be saved?  Is this about your bank account, or lost souls?


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