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Joel Osteen has his own bible called The Hope for Today Bible

Coming Soon: The Joel and Victoria Osteen Bible

joel bibleJoel and Victoria Osteen are releasing their own Bible, which is quaintly called, the Hope for Today Bible, and it’s hitting the shelfs on March 10th.  I would be happy if Joel Osteen would preach sound doctrine out of the Bible we already have, instead of coming out with his very own study Bible.

Here is a description:

The Hope for Today Bible, scheduled to hit the shelves on Mar. 10, is presented in the New Living Translation and features insights, notes, and encouragements from the ministers of the 38,000-large Lakewood Church in Houston – the largest church in the nation.

Also included are specific verses to guide people in prayers for their relationships, their children, their finances, and their health, as well as “HopePoints” – key words and supporting scriptures related to topics such as favor, forgiveness, anger, depression, loneliness, and self-control, among others.  (emphasis mine)  Source.

Of course, these are the same topics they focus on in their ministry – how to stay healthy and wealthy.  I can think of some other topics that would be better:

  1. Sin
  2. Repentance
  3. Salvation
  4. The blood of Jesus
  5. Substitutionary atonement
  6. Hell
  7. God’s wrath
  8. The wages of sin
  9. Judgment

These topics are something you will never hear from Osteen in his current state.  He won’t preach on it… he doesn’t want to judge, and he doesn’t want to offend.  Osteen is baffled as to why people don’t agree with his doctrine, yet when you weigh it against God’s Word, the fact that it is lacking stands out with remarkable clarity.  Sadly, millions don’t see it.  Look at these statistics:

Aside from the 38,000 churchgoers that Osteen draws each week to his 16,000-seat church – previously the arena for the Houston Rockets – up to seven million Americans each week and more than 20 million each month reportedly view Osteen’s weekly sermon, which is broadcast into television markets across the United States. His weekly broadcast is also seen in almost 100 nations around the world.  Source.

Is that sad or scary?  I’d say it’s both.

I would like to thank Olaf for sending me the link to this article.


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