Posted by: John Edwards | April 30, 2009

True Facts About The Word of Faith Movement: from an Ex-Word of Faith Pastor

eord of faith time to flee


EW Kenyon was the founder of the Word of Faith. He taught extensively on positive confession, but died from a massive malignant tumor.

Kenneth Hagin plagiarized much of Kenyons writings and also taught extensively on Divine health and positive confession of the Word. He died of a massive heart attack.

EW Kenyon was heavily influenced by the New Age and Christian Science teachings of his day, and his writings are full of catch phrases and definitions from the Eastern religions and cults.

EW Kenyon taught that Jesus went to Hell after he died on the cross. According to this doctrine, the Blood of Jesus was not sufficient. A proper rendering of the Greek words for Hell in regards to the death of Jesus would be translated as grave.

Kenneth Hagin preached a mixture of Kenyon’s New Thought and his own claimed visions of Jesus. Hagin claimed that Jesus Christ appeared to him on eight occasions in which he received hours of one on one instruction on faith, healing and other doctrines. This is in direct violation of Galatians 1:6-9

Kenneth Hagin claimed that during a trip to Heaven, that Jesus laid hands on him and transferred a special healing anointing, and that if people believed in that anointing that they would be healed. Hagin’s sister died of cancer, his brother-in-law died of cancer, his wife was sick for years, and his grandson had medical treatment for a brain tumor. Many of his students have died of cancer and other diseases.

Kenneth Hagin claimed that Jesus said that when Hagin was speaking out of the Spirit, that if people did not receive what was said, that they would die. This is nothing but spiritual control and manipulation.

Charles Capps, another Word of Faith teacher, that specializes in positive confession of the Word, has had to wear thick eye glasses for years. It is reported that his wife had to have a major organ transplant.

Numerous Word of Faith teachers are under Senate investigation because of their extravagant lifestyles which are financed through seed faith offerings.

Kenneth Copeland, another prominent Word of Faith teacher, has had to cancel meetings because of health issued. He is refusing to cooperate to with the Senate even though he has taught extensively on submission to authority.

Many Word of Faith churches are very controlling and teach the tithe far more than they do the cross. many Word of Faith people are living in a state of continuous fear because they believe that whatever they will say will come to pass.

The Word of Faith teaches that believers can create and change their circumstances by mixing their words with faith.

The Word of Faith teaches that God no longer can do anything upon the earth because He has put Man in charge.

The Word of Faith teaches that we were healed by the stripes of Jesus on Calvary. If this were true then everyone would automatically be healed at the moment of salvation. Word of Faith teaches that man should have a lifespan of 120 years. Kenneth Hagin told a crowd of 7,000 people that he would live to be 135 years old. He died the next year.

The Word of Faith takes hundreds of scriptures out of context to build their doctrines. They use Old Testament promises to Israel to promise health, wealth and total victory for the Church.

If you used a computer word counter, the tithe would be mentioned far more than repentance or Calvary. That is because the Word of Faith is obsessed with money and materialism.

The Word of Faith uses many of the same formulas as does witchcraft and New Age.

The Word of Faith preachers constantly report incredible miracle healings as a result of their prayers, but the fact is that there are no healings that do not involve medical treatments. A true miracle is when someone is healed instantly of a serious organic disease or injury without the aid of medicine.

The Word of Faith is full of teachers such as Mike Murdock which tell people that if they will send money that God will send miracles.

The Word of Faith is obsessed with faith. It is a religious system that is based on works and formulas that do not work. Word of Faith churches have just as many people die of sickness as any other denomination. Word of Faith people suffer the same afflictions as other believers all over the world. Word of Faith people promise Divine protection, but die in plane crashes, car accidents and other tragedies just like other believers do.

The Word of Faith message is that man is in control of his destiny. It is Humanism. It is the Gospel of me, myself and I.


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