Posted by: John Edwards | April 30, 2009

Attention Word of Faith Preachers: The Cross Is The Cure!

My wife said that she watched the Osteens crusade on television. I think that they were in New York City. She said that Joel did his usual self-help speech with a smile, and that Victoria also did her self-help spill as well. Coni said that Joel’s older brother then came on and preached Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Kudos to big brother! That is what the Church and the World needs more than anything else is the preaching of the Cross. Paul said that he preached Christ and Him crucified, and that he preached no other Gospel.

Jesus preached a crucified life. The Gospel is about believing and repentance, not designer clothing and a successful life. The Cross is the cure for all of our problems. Instead of teaching self-help, preachers need to be preaching dying to self. God cannot help those that are trying to rely on self.

The road to Hell is paved with good works. The only way for a marriage to work is to live a crucified life. The only way to walk in the power of God is by living a crucified life. The Word of Faith preachers have taken Humanism and tried to form a Gospel out of man’s pride of life. They are trying to attract people to Jesus by promising wealth and success. It may be though, that God’s plan for someone might be to live in poverty as a missionary to Malaysia. It might be that God will call on some to serve prison time for being a witness for Christ. While the Word of Faith preachers are on the television circuit preaching a candy and cake Gospel, many Christians are being imprisoned and tortured for their faith. I have a link on my other site, that is updated daily with reports of Christians being killed almost everyday. These Believers are not driving around in Land Rovers to the latest Prosperity Seminar. They are spilling their blood for Jesus. The Word of Faith Movement will never be able to reconcile their message of greed with the New Testament. It is Humanism in its sickest form, mascarading as the Gospel.


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