Posted by: John Edwards | April 22, 2009

The Baptist Church (from an ex-Word of Faith perspective)

The Baptist Church 

I am preaching at a Baptist Church this Sunday. I’m not much of a preacher, but I can teach almost anything in the Word and make it easy to understand. The shocking thing is that I am preaching at a Baptist Church! I can’t believe it!
When I was caught up into the Word of Faith I felt sorry for all Baptist. I couldn’t stand anything about them. I sincerely thought that they were blind and ignorant. I was full of spiritual pride and arrogance. I thought that anyone that was not Word of Faith was missing out on about 95% of God’s blessings. Every time I heard a Baptist preach on television or on the radio I would get mad. I almost hated the Baptist Church. I felt like they were responsible for not informing the Saints about all of their rights and privileges as believers. I thought that they were withholding miracles, healings, signs and wonders. I would drive past a big Baptist Church and wonder why anyone bothered going to the services! I mocked the Baptist as much as I could in my sermons.
My what a year of change will do. I have renounced the Word of Faith. I have flip-flopped on about most everything that I believe. I have joined a Southern Baptist Church. And to top it all off I’m preaching at a Baptist Church this Sunday. I think it’s funny. God has a sense of humor. God is patient. I never realized how much error I had been into and teaching until recently. The more I learn, the more Word of Faith I unlearn. It’s almost like having a complete overhaul of my faith. I am learning what it means to follow Jesus instead of living for a vision.
I’m looking forward to preaching my message Sunday. I cant wait! It’s gonna be too much fun.


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