Posted by: John Edwards | April 22, 2009

Why The Word Of Faith Is So Popular?: From an Ex-Word of Faith Perspective

Why The Word Of Faith Is So Popular 

The Word of Faith movement is so popular because it promises people that they can be in control of their lives. The Word of Faith began in the Garden of Eden when the Serpent told Adam and Eve that they could be like God.
Word of Faith people have a different definition of God’s Sovereignty than the one most Orthodox Christians do. The Word of Faith definition of Sovereignty is that God is able to do anything within the bounds of His Word, but that He cannot do certain things unless people cooperate. The Biblical and Orthodox definition of Sovereignty is that God can and does do what ever He wants and that He needs no help.
The Word of Faith is Humanism. It gives you control over your health, wealth and circumstances. It puts man on the throne of his life. God is no longer in control, faith is. Everything is now up to you. Good, bad, or indifferent, everything that occurs in your life is because of your confession or faith.
The Word of Faith promises a long healthy life, money and victory over every situation. All you have to do is believe the right way, talk the right way, and sow a whole ton of money and life will be Heaven on earth. You will never get sick or get injured. You will never be in lack. You will be happy every day. Your not a sinner more. God wants to pour money all over you.
This message sells like hot cakes. It’s all over the television. It’s all over the Church. It’s even in the Baptist bookstore. It is the fastest growing segment of the Church today and is sweeping across Third World countries like a wild fire.
The Word of Faith is a New Age spin on the Gospel. It makes man his own God. Man is self-centered and wants to be in charge. Man is full of pride and self-trust. The Word of Faith appeals to the sinful nature of man.


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