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One hand piano – The Lords Prayer: Must We always have a Miracle? – Why Not Adapt and glorify God with your weakness?

Fred Price said,,,,,, “…how can you glorify God in your body, when it doesn’t function right? How can you glorify God? How can He get glory when your body doesn’t even work? …What makes you think the Holy Ghost wants to live inside a body where He can’t see out through the windows and He can’t hear with the ears? What makes you think the Holy Spirit wants to live inside of a physical body where the limbs and the organs and the cells do not function right? … And what makes you think He wants to live in a temple where He can’t see out of the eyes, and He can’t walk with the feet, and He can’t move with the hand?…The only eyes that he has that are in the earth realm are the eyes that are in the body. If He can’t see out of them then God’s gonna be limited…” (Frederick K.C. Price, “Is God Glorified Through Sickness?” (Los Angeles: Crenshaw Christian Center, n.d.), audiotape #FP605) 

One hand piano – The Lord’s Prayer: With his left arm paralyzed in an auto accident with a semi, Brian Arnold plays masterfully with one hand.

PS!!!! I know a lady named Sharon from church who is blind. She plays keyboard and sings in our church praise band. She is pretty friskey and fun to be around. She has one blind joke after another. I can appreciate a self deprecating person. BUT I get a feeling that old Fred Price would not get away with saying such things in Sharons face. In fact,,, I am pretty sure that she would take off her shoe and nail him with it,,, if he said such things in her presence. And don’t think a blind person could not hit the side of a barn with a shotgun. Let that barn say one word, and its’ location is given away to the blind person.



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