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Candyman Preachers by Van Robison

Candyman Preachers  by Van Robison

candymanAlmost anyone today is very familiar with the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Many modern day prosperity preachers are a lot like the “Chocolate Factory”, who promise all sorts of goodies, including the “Everlasting Gobstopper” (the miracle candy that never diminishes and lasts forever). Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is, of course, pure fantasy. Prosperity Candyman Preachers are just like the fantasy chocolate factory–a world of make believe. It has become amusing how certain television “Christian” networks seem to solely exist to have their “everlasting fundraisers”. While they do so, they promise all who partner with them “everlasting gobstoppers”.
Prosperity preachers would have people believe that somehow they are the “Candyman”. They make claims that sound delicious, appetizing and irresistible. Many are the gullible who stand in line for their “Financial Chocolate Bar”. Prosperity preachers promise you a “Golden Ticket” to prosperity if you only buy their candy.

Here are some of the Candyman Preachers “Miracle Candy” promises:

  • Sow a seed out of your need and prosper.
  • Activate your miracle by sowing your seed now.
  • Come into agreement with God; sow the best seed possible and reap a harvest.
  • Sow your financial seed and expect God’s harvest on your life.
  • Your future is in the seed you sow today, go to the phone now.
  • This is your time for transition into God’s favor by sowing your seed now.
  • Release the seed in your hand and God will release a harvest into your life.
  • This is God’s appointed time for you to be blessed; sow a seed and reap a harvest.
  • God is ushering in a new season of prosperity for your life.

And of course, many candyman preachers accept all major credit cards, and offer toll free call ins to make your pledge for your “everlasting gobstopper” (miracle harvest of financial prosperity). My deceased aunt, while living, gave tens of thousands to a church organization, and ended her life nearly broke. I wonder what happened to her financial “harvest”?

When we stop playing games with the teachings of Jesus Christ, it will be observed that Jesus Christ is not now, and never has been, purchased with money. Sins are not remitted through donating money to preachers and the Holy Spirit is never purchased with credit cards. Making preachers wealthy and prosperous was never a teaching of Jesus Christ in the four Gospels. Many are the deluded Christians, sitting in the pews of megachurches making preachers materially wealthy. And many are the lonely and deceived television viewers, who make pledges to fill the bank accounts of false prophets, false pastors and wolves in sheep’s clothing.



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