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Doubts About The Word of Faith Movement


Doubts About The Word of Faith Movement

I was invloved in the Word of Faith Movement for fourteen years. I was a Word of Faith pastor and teacher for ten of those years. I believed passionately in what I was teaching, although I rarely saw any evidence that the message was working. I put my whole heart into it. I studied the Word of Faith doctrines for thousands of hours even after graduating from the top Word of Faith seminary in the world. I became increasingly discouraged and depressed with the lack of results that the message was producing in my life.

Here are some of the questions that created heavy clouds of doubt for me which opened the door for my exit from deception and error:

1) Kenneth Hagin’s battle with heart disease and eventual death from a massive heart attack.

2) Hagin’s misleading and untruthful teachings about him walking in Divine health.

3) The massive amount of plagiarism attributed to Kenneth Hagin for copying EW Kenyon’s writings.

4) The fact that EW Kenyon was heavily influenced by the New Age teachers of his day.

5) EW Kenyon attended the Emerson School of Oratory in Boston which was a hotbed of New Age and Eastern Religious ideas and teachings.

6) EW Kenyon used many catch phrases and definitions that were popular in the teachings of Christian Science.

7) EW Kenyon once remarked that all Mary Baker Eddy’s teachings needed was the blood of Jesus.

8) EW Kenyon died of a massive malignant tumor.

9) EW Kenyon’s doctrine of positive confession did not prevent his tumor nor did it heal him.

10) Kenneth Hagin denied having been influenced by Kenyon’s writings, although there is abundant evidence all over the Internet that Hagin plagiarized Kenyon’s New Age teachings.

11) Kenneth Hagin claims to have had eight one on one visions of Jesus in which he received additional revelation and insight into the Word of God.

12) This clearly violates Paul’s warning in Galatians 1:6-8

13) Kenneth Hagin claimed to have walked in Divine health, but suffered sickness and the flu as well as heart trouble.

14) The Word of Faith is obsessed with money and materialism.

15) Many Word of Faith teachers, pastor and preachers have died of cancer and other diseases. Their message did not work.

16) Charles Capps’s wife had to have an organ transplant.

17) Word of Faith people have to use doctors and medicine just like unbelieving Baptist do.

18) Kenneth Hagin claimed that Jesus gave him a special healing anointing, yet his sister died of cancer, his grandson had surgery for a brain tumor, his brother-in-law died of cancer, and his wife battled sickness and diseases.

19) I have watched Kenneth Hagin lay hands on many people in wheel chairs that did not get healed.

20) A popular Word of Faith preacher in the South teaches on Mark 11:23 all the time, yet he is missing a finger. He claims we can change things with our words, yet he cannot produce a new finger.

21) The Word of Faith rape of Africa and India, promising people in poverty that if they will sow into Word of Faith ministries that they will become rich.

Here are some more questions about the Word of Faith:

1) Why did John the Baptist not get his break through miracle? He was executed.

2) Why has Fred Price’s church ordained him as an Apostle?

3) Why didnt Paul use his faith to get out of prison. According to Word of Faith teaching, Paul should have been driving a Bentley and living in Bel Air.

4) Why did Peter and John say silver and gold have we none?

5) Why did Paul tell Timothy to drink a little wine for his OFTEN infirmities?

6) Why was it that towards the end of his ministry, Paul could not get anyone healed?

7) What about Job? (Word of Faith people do not realize that the Holy Spirit wrote this book and that the Holy Spirit meant what He wrote)

8) What about when the disciples asked Jesus for something in mark chapter ten and the answer was NO?

9) What was John, the Apostle of love doing rotting away on Patmos? Shouldnt he have been living in luxury insted of slavery?

10) Why was Jesus poor?

11) Being a carpenter in his day would be like shining shoes today.

12) Why did Paul say that he was content to no matter what state that he was in?

13) Why does the New Testament give no commandment to the Church to tithe, but the Word of Faith teaches on the tithe as if your very life depends on it?

14) Why are so many Word of Faith churches controlling and cultic?

15) Why are Word of Faith people so caught up into Pastor worship?

16) Why did John the Baptist tell people to be content with their wages?

17) Why did Oral Roberts teach so much on prosperity, yet his ministry is always in deep debt?

18) Why does the Word of Faith center so much on the tithe instead of preaching the cross?

19) Why did John Osteen die of sickness when he taught divine health?

20) Why do Word of Faith preachers have to own their own jets?

21) Why did my daughter die of a brain tumor?

22) The Word of Faith teaches that your faith cannot work if you are in fear. If that is true, how did we win any wars? many heroic soldiers said that they were scared to death. Their fear did not prevent the victory.


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