Posted by: John Edwards | April 14, 2009

Does Word Of Faith Work?


Does Word Of Faith Work? 

Ew Kenyon is considered by most experts to be the founder of the Word of Faith Movement. He taught and wrote extensively on Positive Confession. He died of a massive malignant tumor. Did the Word of Faith Message work for him?

Kenneth Hagin is to the Word of Faith Movement what Santa Claus is to Christmas. He claimed a special one of a kind healing anointing straight from the nail scarred palms of Jesus. He died of a massive heart attack and suffered from heart disease. Did the Word of Faith Message work for him?
Jennifer Edwards was my fourteen year old daughter. I was a Word of Faith pastor and teacher when she died from a brain tumor. Did the Word of Faith Message work for her?Charles Capps is the foremost Faith Teacher on positive confession today. I heard him testify that his wife had had a successful organ transplant. I guess the Positive Confession did not work.

John Osteen, father of Joel Osteen died of kidney problems, even though he was a staunch Word of Faith teacher.

Frederick KC Price is a powerful Word of Faith teacher, yet his wife had cancer and received medical treatment.

I have known of several prominent Word of Faith pastors and teachers that have died of disease, cancer, heart attacks and plane crashes. They all taught the Word of Faith Message, and they all died.

The Word of Faith Message is tall on promises, and very short on delivery. It simply does not work for anyone except for making Word of Faith televangelist rich from promising God’s power in exchange for seed money.

I will tell you what does work: The Grace of God is still working miracles in the lives of all that come to Jesus. The Message of the Cross is tall on promises and always delivers the sinner.


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