Posted by: John Edwards | April 4, 2009

Brother Hagin’s Bogus Visions And Claims


Brother Hagin’s Bogus Visions And Claims 

Never in the history of the Body of Christ has one man claimed to have had so much one on one contact with Jesus Christ, God and angels. Joseph Smith might come close, but I do not consider the Mormons to be Christians. Kenneth Hagin has claimed that Jesus has appeared to him on eight different occasions to teach him about various subjects. Kenneth Hagin went on to teach these visions to millions of people which is a direct rejection of Paul’s warning in Galatians 1:6-9. The Word of God clearly commands us to reject any other Gospel. But Kenneth Hagin has claims to have received hours of theology from Christ. There are hundreds of thousands of sincere born again Christians that are basing much of their beliefs and many of their actions on the heretical visions and claims of Kenneth Hagin.
I was sharing some of Kenneth Hagins visions at a church recently that had invited me in to teach about the Word of Faith heresy. The crowd was so shocked that they gasped as I told them about one of Kenneth Hagins teaching visions. Hagin claims that a demon appeared between him and Jesus, causing a great commotion, and interrupting Jesus in the middle of his class. Finally Hagin rebuked the demon and it fell to the floor quivering before running off. At this Jesus thanked Hagin for doing something about the devil, for He (Jesus) could not! This is heretical blasphemy. Hagin had a fascinating ability to twist scriptures to fit his visions, and he became very wealthy in doing so.
If you add it all up, Kenneth Hagin has had more visions than any of the Apostles, even more than Paul! I have been to see dozens of charismatic preachers, and I have listened to hundreds more on tape and CD, but no one comes close to having as many spectacular spiritual manifestations than Kenneth Hagin. Kenneth Hagin had many testimonies about hearing the audible voice of God and Satan, as well as having conversations with angels. Hagin even claims to have been to Heaven and to Hell!
In another vision, Hagin claims that Jesus sat down beside him and gave him a sermon entitled: “How to write your own ticket with God” and that Jesus told him that if anyone, anywhere would apply these four principles that they could receive whatever they needed from God. This is in direct conflict with 1st John 5:14-15.
When Kenneth Hagin’s sister died of cancer, Hagin even got a special vision to explain why she wasn’t healed. Jesus appeared with his dead sister in his room after the funeral just to let Hagin know that it was something between Jesus and his sister as to why he couldn’t get her healed. This is a very important point, because Hagin claims to have been transported to Heaven and where Jesus himself laid hands on him and gave him a very special healing anointing. I have personally witnessed Kenneth Hagin lay hands on many, many sick people that did not get healed.
I could write for hours about other outrageous claims that Kenneth Hagin made which has deceived millions and made millions.
It is reported that Kenneth Hagin died of heart disease. It appears that his message of positive confession and Divine healing did not work for him. If he couldn’t get the Word of Faith message to work, how can an average person who has not seen Jesus eight times get it to work? It’s a bogus message that preys on the desperate and gullible who spend millions on his books, tapes and college in hopes of writing their own ticket with God. How sad for the Body of Christ.


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