Posted by: John Edwards | March 28, 2009

“Why Don’t This Word of Faith Crap Work?”

I used to make my youngest son read the Charles Capps mini-book on God’s Creative Power out loud on the way to school everyday. This particular booklet is loaded with paraphrased scriptures and affirmations that are supposed to produce health, wealth, and victory in your life as you confess them out loud. If I remember correctly, there are 59 confessions in it. The idea is to build your faith up by speaking God’s Word out loud over your circumstances. Trouble is, it don’t work for anybody. My son had the horse sense to realize that he was just as blessed when he didn’t do these confessions. The morning he stopped in the middle of them and cried “Why don’t this crap work?” made me mad at first. All I could tell him was that it works over a period of time.

Every now and then, as a Word of Faith pastor and teacher, I would have the same thoughts about the positive confession teaching. I myself could see that it did not work, but as I explained to my son, I always felt like if I just stayed faithful confessing the Word, that everything that I was confessing would one day manifest. That is the great promise and sales pitch of the Faith Message: If you keep on believing right and talking right, the manifestation is just around the corner. Of course, the manifestations rarely occur as confessed, but Word of Faith people are so brainwashed that they hardly notice.

I can go back now and look at the pages of confessions that I cranked out every day for years and shake my head with an embarrassed smile. What a time waster. What a foolish teaching. (Didn’t Jesus say something about vain repetition?)

The Word of Faith is big on speaking the Word, and short on doing it.

Confessing the Word out loud is the dominant teaching, not doing the Word. Many Faith Preachers have sold millions of dollars worth of Cd’s, books and tapes on this erroneous teaching and have become quite wealthy. I know of one prominent word of faith teacher, that received $25,000 for a three day seminar on “Speaking God’s Word”.

Desperate people become easy prey with this message: Begin to speak God’s Word over your health and finances, and things will change. But they rarely do.

I know lot’s of people that do their confessions religiously that have cancer, marital problems, financial problems and plain old bad luck. The truth is, that people that do these confessions are no better off than the guy next door. The Bible says that God sends the rain on the wicked and the just. The Bible also says that Gos has cursed the ground for our sakes. Problems, storms, trials and adverse circumstances usually cause sincere Christians to seek God more earnestly.

Question? Can you think of one single scripture in the Bible, in context, that directs us to speak the Word of God out loud to become blessed, rich and healed? Can you name me two or three? The only scripture that I can think of to justify this teaching is Joshua 1:8, but that verse is talking to the Nation of Israel about meditating in the Mosaic Law in order to be a doer.

But where in the Bible does Jesus command us to confess scriptures for healings and riches? I realize that faith comes by hearing the Word, but that passage is talking about hearing the Gospel for salvation. So where does the Bible command us to speak scriptures out loud like magic formulas? It does not. This teaching was brought into the Church from the New Age and Christian Scientist Cults. EW Kenyon took their principles of affirmation, and began to teach and write on the subject extensively. In turn, according to many scholars, Kenneth Hagin plagiarized much of Kenyon’s writings and mass produced the heresy. Both of these Word of Faith founders died sick. Their teaching did not work.

Now, I do not believe that there is anything wrong with quoting God’s Word at all. I do it all the time. But that is different from teaching and believing that all of your problems will go away just by speaking certain passages out loud. That sounds more like witchcraft than anything else. Hocus pocus, incantations, chants, affirmations and spells are not biblical. We receive from God by praying and doing the Word, not by merely speaking it. The Word of God is not a lucky charm or rabbitts foot, it is scripture to be obeyed.

As I have said before, I know many a Word of Faith believer, that died sick doing those confessions, and many more that have gone broke doing the same thing.

The real blessing of the Christian life is to be forgiven and restored to right standing with God through the work of Christ. Our citizenship is in Heaven, not on earth below. God blesses some people with wealth, but not everyone. He heals some and lets others die. The proof is at the bank and the cemetery. Word of Faith people get sick and die just like the rest of the Body of Christ. There is no difference. Every one has trials and problems, no exceptions.



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