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Benny Hinn – Sow $1000 and become a Millionaire: by IMAblogger

benny hinn false doctrine This comes from my christian sister Deborah over at “Discerning The World” It is a very interesting report on Benny Hinn over in South Africa.

Recently Benny Hinn was at the Coca-Cola Dome on the 11 & 12 July 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa – called ‘Miracle Crusade’ and told the 18,000 audience to sow $1000 (approx R7500) within a 2 minute window and they would become millionaires within a 24 hour period.

Pastor Todd Koontz who accompanied Benny Hinn on his ’Con Crusade’ gave a message last Saturday morning that 500 people in the audience will sow and receive a considerable blessing in return.  He said the service will make millionaires and multi-millionaires within a 24 hour period.  All you have to do is offer $1000 because on that $1000 lies a considerable blessing.  Koontz went on and conned the audience to make them believe that this blessing window opportunity will only be available for 2 minutes.

Pastor Tommie Ferreira from the AGS-church in Floridapark, Roodepoort who attened said that ‘people stormed forward; rich people, poor people, people from every background’.  He said what he witnessed made his hairs stand up on end.   But wait! You are possibly wondering, did these people come prepared with R7500 cash in their wallets for just in case?  Nooooo, Benny Hinn was kind enough to set up credit card machines so there was no problem when it came to giving this offering.  Koontz also went on to say that God is going to bless these people’s credit cards and with the money could rule over South Africa.   Pastor Ferreira said that no less than 1000 people gave this offering. So it is estimated that just within that one service, Benny Hinn raked in over R7 million rand for there were people who possibly gave more than $1000.   Also Benny himself took ANTOHER offering shortly after Koontz had finished with the first one. Pastor Tommie Ferreira wanted to know how many of these people actually became millionaires and so would I.  So if anyone knows of anyone who went to this godless circus and gave $1000 in the hope that God would bless them with millions more, please come forward and tell us if you did or did not become a millionaire over night – it’s been 1 week since Benny Hinn was at the Coca-Cola Dome, surely there must be someone. Having said that, if anyone thinks they can PAY God for blessings, PAY God so that He will make you rich, PAY God to jump at your commands, then I really do feel very very sorry for you.   If you think God is only accessible at these services and gives a 2 minute window of opportunity to ‘give’ otherwise you will lose out, then I feel very sorry for you.   Do you think you have to PAY Jesus to have a relationship with Him?  NO!!!

People please, STOP following men, open you bibles and study the Word of God so that you will not be taken in by false teachers who preach a ANOTHER gospel that Jesus Christ Himself WARNED you about!!!

The only millionaire made in a 24 hour period at this ‘miracle’ crusade was Benny Hinn and the only miracle that happened is that people like Hinn etc get away this with kind of fraud over and over and over again.  I feel sorry for Benny Hinn and Todd Koontz on Judgement day.  I pray they repent of the things they have done before it’s too late for them.


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