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When A Child Dies In The Word Of Faith by Former Word-of-Faith Pastor John Edwards

When A Child Dies In The Word Of Faith

My daughter Jennifer died at the ripe old age of 14. If she had lived, she would be 23 years old now. Her death bothers me more now than it did then. I miss her more now.

As you might have noticed from my writings, I hate the Word of Faith. I hate the Word of Faith Message with every fiber in my being.

I do not hate the people in it and I feel very sorry for them. I feel bad for all the pain and hurt that the Word of Faith has brought to the Church.

When my daughter had some symptoms while we were in Broken Arrow, we rebuked them. The thought of her being sick was of the devil. We were going to “believe” God and she would get better.

I truly believe that had I been a Baptist, that I would have been more aggressive in taking her to a doctor. She died from a brain tumor that the surgeon said had been in her head for several years.

Except for a few symptoms off and on, she seemed perfectly healthy.

She was on fire for God, witnessed to all of her friends, helped in kids church and befriended every stray animal that happened along.

Then suddenly one day she had a seizure, went into a coma, and died a few hours later.In the ICU room they had her on life support. I tried every Word of Faith trick and formula that I knew. I even had a big shot Word of Faith preacher come and pray for her. He was a total asshole. He never checked on me ever again.

He did not come to the funeral, and he never called me.I tried to make an appointment with Kenneth Hagin, but was turned down. I was told that he had asked another minister to “handle that”.

In the Word of Faith Movement, if you have a “Faith Failure”, then you are thrown on the trash heap. I had one Word of Faith minister in Georgia call me to ask if God had told me why my daughter had died yet. You see, in the Word of Faith, you are supposed to be rich and healthy and dominate in life. If you do get sick, it is your fault. You opened the door for sickness or tragedy with some sin or doubt.

The Word of Faith theology teaches that God allows what you allow. They base that on an erroneous interpretation of Matthew 18:18. In fact, most of the Word of Faith teaching is based on misinterpretation of the Scriptures.

My daughter was not in sin. She could quote the entire 91st Psalm and the whole third chapter of John. She read her Charles Capps God’s Creative Power booklet almost everyday. She was full of the Word and full of Jesus, and she dropped dead. The only way the Word of Faith can answer this is that there had to have been some sin or unbelief.

The Word of Faith does not believe in or accept God as Sovereign. Their definition of God’s Sovereignty is not the same definition that theologians use. They do not believe that God is in control. They teach that man is in charge, and that he is to run the world through his faith and words.


Their definition and understanding of God is flawed and unbiblical. They reject the Sovereignty of God.

When Jennifer died, I blamed myself for not having the faith to raise her up.

I was taught that I had authority over death and disease. I thought that it was up to me if she lived, and that I failed her with my lack of faith. Then I blamed it on her lack of faith or maybe some bad confession that she had made.

The thought or concept that God had taken her home never crossed my mind. At the funeral, her Uncle, a Baptist, looked at her and said: “Her work here is finished”.

His statement angered me at the time, because I had been taught by Kenneth Hagin and Keith Moore that we were guaranteed a long life on earth. I even heard Kenneth Hagin say that he would live to be 135 years old. I went to his funeral. It is reported that he died of a heart attack.

In his teaching series on the Believer’s Authority, Kenneth Hagin said that Jesus Christ taught him that he was in charge of the devil, and that he (Jesus) could not do anything about the devil. Kenneth Copeland said that God has already done everything about your healing on the cross and that you are in charge of that now.

Having been brainwashed with this blasphemous message, my theology and understanding of God was so twisted and warped that her death was lost in the fog of my thinking.

It has only been over the last year that my thinking about Jennifer’s death has changed. I still blame myself, but I know that God makes no mistakes. He could have healed her if he had chosen to.

The Word of Faith blasphemy teaches that those decisions are up to us and not up to God. But now, after reading and studying the massive parts of the Bible that we ignored in the word of faith, I have made many discoveries that have actually brought much comfort to me.

The story of Joseph comforts me. The story of Job comforts me. I have learned that God is in control of every atom in this universe, and that I am not! I dont have to be my on God anymore. I don’t have to be the master of my world anymore! Im not in charge anymore! Romans 8:28

There are many people that have had similar or worse experiences with the Word of Faith. Hundreds have died or lost family members because of this blasphemous heresy.

Many thousands have had their hearts crushed and disappointed by this false message. many have left the church altogether.

Pastors need to take this Movement seriously. It is reeking havoc in the Body of Christ.

The KIA list is getting longer everyday.



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