Posted by: John Edwards | March 24, 2009

The Word of Faith and Shipwrecked Faith

Shipwrecked Faith

Someone has asked that I write a book about the casualties of the Word of Faith teaching. It would have to be a very long book to detail all of the horror stories that have come out of this deceptive movement that is ruining the faith of thousands. I wonder how many well meaning people have died of sickness and disease while clinging to their confessions and word of faith teachings? My own daughter died of a brain tumor when she was just fourteen years old. She was full of the Word of God and could recite the 91st Psalm and the third chapter of John. I had taught her and hundreds of others that we could walk in Divine health by speaking the Word of God out loud. Millions of people have bought the little booklet by Charles Capps on God’s Creative Power. It contains numerous scriptures that have been taking out of context and paraphrased into confessions for health and prosperity. As a Word of Faith pastor for ten years, I bought piles of these booklets and even taught from it page by page. I had hundreds of people doing these confessions from that book. It was nothing more than Christian Science, but I thought that it was a bonifide doctrine that could produce health, wealth and protection. I cant tell you how many people I know that used that booklet faithfully that died of cancer or were killed in car wrecks. I knew two teenage girls that died tragically even though they confessed from this booklet daily.

The damage from the Word of Faith message is devastating to the families and loved ones that are affected when someone dies in the midst of this teaching. As a Word of Faith pastor, I spent numerous hours trying to help innocent and sincere church people in their struggles of why the Faith Message was not working for them. My other Word of Faith pastor friends were having the same problems. You see, the Word of Faith message is easy and exciting to preach, but extremely hard to pastor. It is a message that has more holes in it than a fishing net.

When God began to open my eyes to the serious and dangerous error that I had been preaching in my church, I immediately repented. I stood up in front of people that I loved and told them that I had been in error and that my doctrine had been wrong. I also warned my church folks that many of the Word of Faith preachers on television were teaching error and greed. I named their names. Of course, many of these church folks became upset at me and left. I was forced out of my ministry. I had to lease out the new church building that we had just built.

But I have too much integrity with the Word of God and with people to teach error. It seemed that over night God opened my eyes to numerous holes in the Word of Faith. I contacted many of my teachers from Bible school as well as many of my fellow Word of Faith around the country to ask them questions about the doctrines and the claimed visions of Kenneth Hagin. I was met with hatred and venom. These same ministers that taught so much on walking in love and forgiveness turned on me like a pack of wild dogs.

You would think, that if they really believed what they teach about love and faith, that they would be trying to reach out to me. If they sincerely believe that I have gone into darkness, then why are they not beating down my door to rescue me? I have sent many emails to my Word of Faith pastor friends that have gone unanswered. Why? I believe that I scare them to death. They know that I am right, and that they are in error.

These Word of Faith pastors and teachers have been confronted with their false teachings. Their teachings are destroying innocent church folks. Their message is causing greed. Word of Faith churches have extremely high turnover rates. After the excitement of the new message wears off, people get discouraged and quit going to church. People become cynical about God and about church. You should read the emails that I get from people all over the world that have had their relationship with God ruined by the Word of Faith message. The casualty list is long and getting longer by the day.

These Word of Faith ministers on television have been confronted by many pastors and theologians of their dangerous teachings, but they refuse to repent. The money is too good.


THE WORD on the Word of Faith TV 




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