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The Word of faith Movement: Exchanging The Cross For The Tithe

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Exchanging The Cross For The Tithe


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I have a friend that is really turned on to the Word of Faith Message. It is sad to listen to him talk about God, because everything that comes out of his mouth about God is somehow linked to tithing and money. His whole life and conversation revolves around material prosperity, sowing seeds, tithing and claiming a harvest. I wonder if this is how I sounded to other people all of those years that I was involved in the Word of Faith Movement?

I have another friend that attends a large Word of Faith church in Birmingham. I led him to the Lord myself when I was a police officer. I cannot stand to run into him. All he does is talk about his blessings, which are always about his new car or the latest cruise that the Lord blessed him with.
Both of these friends of mine started out excited about Jesus and their salvation. But after years of prosperity teaching, everything about their faith is measured in dollar bills and success. It’s not really their fault. They hear it in church every week from people that they look up to. Or they watch Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen and the rest of the Word of Faith Gang preaching about prosperity and success.
In the Word of Faith church, the tithe is more important than the cross. Prosperity is more important than soul winning.
I can assure you that today, Sunday, that money was preached in almost every Word of Faith church in the world. I guarantee you that there was a long and exciting tithing sermon preached before the sermon, and I bet you that the subject of prosperity was brought up somewhere in the message.

This type of teaching develops greed in church people. You get what you preach. If you preach salvation all the time you get people saved. If you preach on the cross all of the time you get people living for God. But when you preach on tithing and prosperity all of the time you produce church people that love and chase money.
The Word of Faith Movement is all about the money. I know of one Word of Faith preacher in Louisiana that only has three sermons: Prosperity, confession brings possession, and Who we are in Christ. His third sermon sounds real good until you realize that he is preaching Humanism. He was one of my very favorite preachers. I listened to all of his sermons and preached them myself. When God began to bring me out of the Faith Movement, I mentioned to my church that this particular minister was in error with his prosperity message. Because I mentioned his name, three families left my church. It’s all about the MONEY! This preacher is preaching error all over the world and raising money so that he can buy his own jet!
No preacher needs to own his own jet. All it is is a status symbol among Faith Preachers. They all have to have a jet. It is a competition thing. Who has the fastest and newest jet. It’s about the money folks. The Word of Faith Movement revolves around money, not Jesus, not the Gospel, it is about the money!
Word of Faith preachers are absolute masters of manipulation. They are trained experts in taking Old Testament scriptures, tying them up in knots, and lording their doctrines over the Church to extract money. It is a racket. It is a game. It is greed.
Jesus and the Apostles did not preach on tithing and prosperity. They preached a New Covenant, which is spiritual, and based on Grace. The Word of Faith Covenant is based on the tithe. The New Testament calls for us to die to ourselves, to carry the cross, to follow Christ. The Word of Faith Movement is a different Gospel, a Gospel of Greed. It’s about the money folks. The Word of Faith is BIG BUSINESS, there is millions to be made. All you have to do is preach the benefits of tithing every other sermon, if not every sermon, and the money will flow. Most of your Word of Faith preachers on television are multi-millionaires. They own mansions, drive luxury cars, own jets and have all the money in the world, just by preaching the tithe instead of the cross. I have been in a couple of their mansions.

They live as good as the people in Hollywood do. I know it for a fact. Yet their people struggle to make ends meet.

You dont have to take my word for it. Watch these jokers on TV. Listen to what they are preaching. Google them on You Tube. It will make you vomit if you love God. It is greed. They have exchanged the Cross for the Tithe. They worship money. It is idolatry. These Word of Faith preachers are full of greed, and leading thousands into the same error. They are sucking every cent that they can get out of Africa. They are raping the Saints out of their relationship with God and out of their money.


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