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THE WORD on the Word of Faith: Faithful Phil verses Barry the Baptist. A SERIES by Damon Whitsell Part1

WHY WE teach AGAINST the Word of Faith!!!!!!!


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THE WORD on the Word of Faith: Faithful (WoF) Phil verses Barry the Baptist. A SERIES Part1

I Picked up a little analogy in one of the books I read about the Word of Faith. I thought I may have gotten this analogy from Ron Calrson and Ed Deckers’s BOOK **Fast Facts on False Teachings** prosperity theology chapter. But I may not have.

ANY WAY,,, someone assigned analogous names to describe a statistical comparison of the Word of Faith movement churches and their claim to WALK IN PROSPERITY,, against the same categorical statistics of NON Word of Faith churches. I chose the names Faithful Phil and Barry the Baptist. I am not sure which names the people chose from which I got this analogous concept from.

A survey of Word of Faith church parking lots wAS made, and compared to a survey of NON WoF churches. FAITHFUL PHIL is NO better off than Barry the Baptist, Marty the Methodist, or Perry the Presbyterian. IT”S ALL A LIE FOLKS. The so called prosperity gospel does not work. The conditions of their parking lots and their vehicles are comparably THE SAME. Except WoF ministers generally have nicer cars that their NON WoF counter parts.

Since I picked up this analogy,, I have become like a Ben Stiller movie character was. He played the part of a geeky guy who fell in love with Jennifer Aniston. He was a Statistical Analysis and seen everything in numbers. He always compared this with that,,, by the numbers. He was kinda weird. WELL, so am I now. I am always comparing Faithful Phil to Barry the Baptist. AND THEY AIN’T NO DIFFERENT!!! Except Phil is VERY self deluded.

See I have a “retired” Word of Faith Minister in my family. 15 years of preaching the Word of Faith message got her nothing but a 20yr old doublewide trailer and a 15 year old Chevy s-10. Oh lets not forget the semi-manual labor job at 50+. And my relative is a woman. So it does not appear to me she is doing as well as most 50+ year old woman. I mean do I really have to compare her to a Baptist or a Lutheran to see the WoF is false and does not work,, except at deceiving people into being self deluded. Blinded by their desires. Their desires to be special and have that SUPER kind of Faith. That God kind of faith. NO!!!

Does it sound mean to say that about my relative? If you think so. Know this. She is quick to say she was once a Baptist but now has THE FULL GOSPEL, more than the salvation message and collection plate. SHE SAYS,, She don’t “follow after signs,,, they follow after her“. LOL I am sorry I have to laugh. She has got a husband with a 10 year old transplanted kidney. Yep the WoF did not work enough for her to get her husband HEALED from kidney failure. He got a transplant 10 years ago. Transplanted kidneys only last about 10 years average.

BUT,,, she still claims the WoF message if far superior to that of “Denominational Christians”. Ten years of blind self delusion. WILL IT GET WORSE OR WILL SHE BE HEALED when her husband passes away and the Word of faith message fails her completely. How can she claim the WoF is true when every step she takes is marked by a very dramatic limp. She has a bad hip and that semi manual labor job is whipping her butt.

Now it is really sad that one day her husband will die and she will be left alone to think about this kind of stuff. BUT it is absolutely hilarious that she has a neighbor the same age who is single and raises her grandkid, but she still has a better trailer and nicer car. And works in the AC. WHY don’t she think about these things? The lady goes to a NON WoF church… BAMMM HERES YOUR SIGN

If I made any WoF advocates mad with that,, hear this. Maybe you should compare yourself with the NON WoF Jones’s

There was a shooting in a Baptist church today. In the second article I read on it had this in it,,,,

“Last month, a man shot and killed himself in front of a cross inside televangelist Robert H. Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif” Baptist pastor murdered during Sunday morning service

Most people are not studious enough to know that Schuller is WoF all the way. Forgive me for being crass,,, but not only does the WoF NOT work,,, but Faithful Phil is just as likely to get sick, or commit suicide in a church as anyone else. MAYBE EVEN MORE SO

We will one day be resurrecting Faithful Phil to use again in our analogous comparisons of the WoF churches against the NON WoF churches. Until then,,, just as many WoF people will suffer as NON WoF people will. MAYBE EVEN WORSE and in a worse kind of way. Cause the WoF says it is their fault. 



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