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Questions That Always Bothered Me When I Was A Word Of Faith Preacher



Questions That Always Bothered Me When I Was A Word Of Faith Preacher


If you have been reading any of my articles, then you know that I was a Word of Faith pastor and teacher for ten years and one month. Prior to teaching the Word of Faith, I attended and graduated from the “Harvard” of Word of Faith seminaries. I studied the Word of Faith for an additional two years prior to attending seminary. If you add all that up you will surmise that I was heavily involved in the Word of Faith Movement for fourteen long years. It is my humble but honest opinion, that I could teach the Word of Faith as well as anyone else could.

But, as a pastor and teacher there were always a few things about the Word of Faith that really bugged me. Things that kept me up at night. Things that none of my fellow WoFer pastors could answer. Here are a few. Maybe you know the answers.

1) This one has to do with Mark 11:24, one of the most sacred word of faith scriptures in the whole Bible. I know it by heart, for I have spoken this scripture maybe three million times. “What things soever you desire, when you pray, BELIEVE YOU RECEIVE them, and you will shall them”.
So here is the question: If I believe that I have received my healing when I prayed, then why in the world would I go back to the doctor or take medicine anymore? I mean come on, I believe that I have brown eyes, so I am not going to go out and buy colored contacts tomorrow.

In the true word of faith (old school prior to law suits) you wouldn’t go back to the doctor if you really believed that you had received when you prayed. Now please do not stop taking your medicine! I’m just making an argument. It just stands to reason in my mind that taking another dose of medicine is an act of unbelief. A person that is in total faith that he has received it is done with the matter. If you really and truly believed that you were healed you would have no reason to seek any further medical attention. (If you are sick, and attempting to believe God for your healing, then please keep taking your medicine) This type of Word of Faith teaching has killed many people and has caused untold condemnation and confusion.

2) The Word of Faith, and many Charismatic and Pentecostal churches believe that healing and prosperity were in the Atonement. I do not. I believe that by His stripes we are healed from the disease of sin. If it were true that healing was in the Atonement, then as soon as anyone got saved they would be instantly healed at that moment. And if they got saved in a Word of Faith church, not only would they get instantly healed, but they would feel their pocket book fill up with money!

3)Here is a biggie. In our Word of Faith churches, we had all kinds of “inside” information and revelation that the Denominational churches were blind to. We knew all about healing, confession, speaking the Word, sowing seed, seed time and harvest, the authority of the believer and so forth. But, when it is all said and done, we were no better off than the Baptist church folks down the street. My Word of Faith church experienced the same sicknesses, lack, tragedy and problems as any other churches. One time I was at the florist ordering flowers for a funeral for one of my church members. The lady at the counter remarked that we sure did have a lot of sicknesses and deaths at our church. She was right. (she will never know how mad that made me at the time)We were no better off. No Word of Faith church is better off. I have seen whole Word of Faith pastoral staffs decimated by cancer and tragedy. Many of the most famous Word of Faith ministers have died sick. EW Kenyon had a massive tumor, and he invented confession brings possession. Kenneth Hagin died of heart disease. My daughter died of a brain tumor. I have presided over many Word of Faith funerals.

4) Why do the rich get richer in the Word of Faith Movement? Why did they show so much favoritism? There were certain celebrity preachers that had super star status. They were the ones with all of the amazing testimonies about miracle healings and financial blessings. They were the ones raising money for jets if they didnt already have one. Well, I already knew the answer to this one. They preach peoples money into their offering plates by promising them a return on their giving. What I could not understand is why so many people in the Word of Faith treated these ministers like kings? Why were these ministers so obsessed with money and materialism? I had wonderful church members that tithed and gave that never got rich. Heck, I’m not rich, and I have tithed and sown tens of thousands of dollars. Why didn’t this prosperity message work for the ordinary Joe?

5) Why, no matter how much we prayed and fasted, no matter how much we taught the Word, why did we never have miracles, signs and wonders? People that read my articles always send me emails about them haven seen miracles, but they can never verify them with medical documentation. By miracle, I mean an instant healing of an organic sickness or injury that will not go away on its on. I am talking about amputees getting their legs back, or deformed people being healed. It was very frustrating and discouraging to listen to thousands of hours of Word of Faith teaching, apply it with all of my heart, and see no results.

God has shown me the answers to everyone of these questions.

The Word of Faith has created a sub culture that is quite different from other denominations in the Body of Christ. Anyone that comes into a Word of Faith church from, say, the Baptist church or the Assembly of God church will have to make a lot of adjustments. It is another world. Pastor worship, people talking like robots, trying to make the right confessions around others, seeking money, claiming healings they don’t really have and blessings they will never see.

The simple answer to each of these questions is simple: The Word of Faith theology is full of error. It does not work. It is bad teaching. It majors on the minors and minors on the majors. The Word of Faith does not believe in the Sovereignty of God. Word of Faith people think that they can control everything in their lives and they cannot. Most of them are too blind to see that their beliefs are not producing any real results. As a matter of fact, they are some of the most fearful and legalistic people that I have ever been around.


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