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Faith, Fear, Belief and Courage

A well-meaning friend gave my wife this book by Kelly Copeland-Kutz, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland’s daughter. The title of the book is Protecting Your Family in Dangerous Times. I just had to write this blog. The book is riddled with errors, starting with the introduction! I believe Kelly had good intentions writing this book. But we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

In the introduction Kelly says, on page xii “Let me add one final thought before you begin this book. In reflecting on the changes in our lives since we began to plead the blood of Jesus eight years ago, I realized that fear had been eradicated in our family. The blood of Jesus wiped it out! Do you realize that in any battle you face, fear will cause you to lose? In fear, we say the wrong things and do the wrong things. But when you begin to plead the blood of Jesus faith is built up and fear loses its grip on you. In the absence of fear you make the right decisions and you speak the Word of God and victory is yours! I am very thankful to my Jesus, not only for His blood, but also for opening my eyes to real life in Him.” Are we to believe that everyone in her family NEVER experiences ANY fear whatsoever?

Forgive my skepticism. OK, fear is not a good thing, that’s a given. We all face fear many many times in life. God tells us to fear not. But will fear make you lose battles? Lets examine the issue. The definition of fear, according to Websters Dictionary is “an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.” Hmm, an emotion. Kenneth Copeland states “That doesn’t really matter because fear is not a feeling. It is not an emotion. It is a spiritual force. And although it can and does affect your emotions, it can be in operation even when you don’t feel it. 1 So Kenneth Copeland now redefines fear. By the way, that quote is taken from “Faith and Hope: Roadblocks” The whole premise of this ridiculous teaching is, well, let me just quote Kenneth Copeland. “You’ve done everything you know to do. You’ve obeyed the voice of the Lord. You’ve taken a stand of faith. You’ve bound the devil, loosed the angels, commanded, declared and prayed. In your heart you know that you can have victory in this circumstance. Some way, somehow, you can beat it with the power of God. But still, you find yourself trapped in defeat. Instead of being overtaken by the blessings of God, some portion of the curse is clinging to you. It might be sickness or lack, failure in relationships or business dealings. But whatever it is, it is clearly of the devil and it is sticking to you like gum to your shoe. Spiritually, you’re smart enough to realize that God is not your problem. He is on your side. And neither He nor His Word ever fails. You might be tempted to believe the devil is your problem. But, the fact is, you know better than that too. Jesus whipped him completely 2,000 years ago and took away all his authority. The question is: If God isn’t the problem, and the devil isn’t the problem…who is? His answer? He goes on to say, in essence, if its not God’s fault or the devils, then it is obviously your fault!

You have done everything that you are supposed to do, according to the Copelands, to experience heaven on earth, but you are still sick, or broke, or your marriage is still broken or whatever. Of course Copelands teaching could never be wrong, so he has to come up with a reason why his teaching isn’t working! But how could it be your fault? You’ve done everything he told you to do! Conveniently for Copeland, (extremely inconvenient for you) its now because you have fear! You are afraid, even if you don’t feel afraid, well, if you’ve done all the confessing and believing he has taught you but its not working, than you must be in fear. Because he is always right. My God, what bondage to put people in. It maddens me. It sickens me. It is deceptive. It destroys people. I hate it. Lets look at the truth.

What is the opposite of fear? Kenneth Copeland says it is faith. He is wrong. Oh in his twisted mind it is absolutely the truth. He believes that faith is a force, so then, according to him there is an opposite force, and he names it the force of fear. Faith is not a force. Faith is just another word for belief. Let me make that clear. FAITH IS NOT A FORCE. Faith=Belief. Get it? Ask anyone what the opposite of belief is. If they have half a brain (and haven’t been brainwashed by the Word of Faith teachers) they’ll tell you its unbelief, or doubt! I would bet my hard earned money that 99 out of 100 people will say unbelief, or doubt. Duhhh! Why wouldn’t they? Its common sense! No one can logically argue that fear is the opposite of belief. It doesn’t make any sense. Its absurd. What is the opposite of fear then?

Courage. Look it up! Its true! So, lets define courage. Websters says courage is “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” Strength. Persevere. Withstand danger and fear. Question: Would strength, perseverance, and withstanding fear be necessary if there weren’t any fear? Think about it. Without fear, there would be no such thing as courage. Sounds to me like courage is acting in spite of fear, not the absence of fear.

Courage is the moral strength to fight, even though you are scared! Ask any American WWII vet if they were scared going into battle. The honest ones will tell you they were scared shitless. According to Kelly Kutz, well, if they were scared, then they lost battles. Damn, I thought we won WWII! This is stupid teaching. The vets tell us they were scared, but they did their jobs anyway.

THAT is courage. That is heroism. It is foolish and prideful to claim that you don’t ever experience fear or claim that if you are afraid, then you have no faith. Fear is an emotion that warns us of danger. Simple as that. Fear is not a force. God, its that simple. It pisses me off that people make things so retardedly difficult and impossible to achieve. How many followers of the Copelands feel guilty every single time they experience that twinge of fear? I feel for them, and pray God opens their eyes.



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