Posted by: John Edwards | March 7, 2009

Connecting The Dots In The Word of Faith

Connecting The Dots In The Word of Faith  This is the link to the Christian Scientist website. If you read it, you will find many similarities with their beliefs and the Word of Faith. How come? Because the Grandfather of the Word of Faith Movement, EW Kenyon, was heavily influence by the Christian Scientist and New Agers of his day. He is even quoted as saying that all Mary Baker Eddy’s teachings needed was the Blood of Jesus. So that is exactly what he did. He pulled out of their doctrines and wove it into Scriptures. EW Kenyon started the positive confession teaching in the Church by taking it from the Cults. In his books he denounces their teachings, and says that they are wrong, but he still taught many of the same elements.

The first dot was Christian Science, which is a blend of our Bible and Eastern religion. The second dot was EW Kenyon’s writings.

The third dot is Kenneth Hagin, who has denied that he was influenced by Kenyon, even though there is abundant proof that he massively plagiarized Kenyon’s writings.

If you read any of Kenyon’s books, you will readily see that his doctrine became Hagin’s Word of Faith. I do not know if Kenneth Hagin intended to plagiarize or not, but I know that he claimed that he got all of his stuff from God even though it is word for word with Kenyons. Hmmmmm.

Dot number four. Kenneth Hagin’s many visions where he received hours of one on one teaching from Jesus that he wove throughout his teachings. Even though he would warn of accepting visions, he would turn around and teach from his visions in the same fashion that Kenyon warned about the Christian Scientist but kept teaching their beliefs! So at this point we have Kenneth Hagin preaching a mixture of Kenyon’s writings and extra-Biblical revelations from Christ!

Dot number five is that Hagin has reproduced his heretical teachings into hundreds of thousands of preachers. There is a direct connection between Eastern Religions and the Word of Faith. In his scholarly book “A Different Gospel” by Dr. D.R. McConnell, the author proves these connections with massive documentation.

In Galatians chapter one we are warned not to receive another Gospel, but the mainstream Church has done this very thing by accepting ANOTHER GOSPEL.

By the way, the most popular preacher on television today is a part of this belief system.


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