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Word of Faith Activities In India!

Word of Faith Activities In India!

Many people in America know that the WoF preachers control the Christian TV and radio airwaves to spread their lies.  However many Westerners do not realize the extent of the damages that the WoFers have done in third world countries.  I want to tell the readers in advance that no pen or words can appropriately describe the damages that have been caused and are being caused by the WoF heretical teachings in India.  Only heavan knows the full picture about the extent of the damages.   However I will try to describe the WoF activities in my home country of India to the best of my ability.

Whenever a false teaching movement starts in any part of the world, they want to propagate it.   For that to happen they need agents in other countries.   As many of you know most of the third world people live in poverty and foreign currencies are a source of seduction, hence the name almighty dollar!!!.    In the Mid 80’s the dark clouds which had surrounded the Western Christian world started descending into India also.   The WoF poured out thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, to lure certain individuals with their deceptive techniques (they essentially bought them out).   This was required to established connections in India, which is how they propagate their teachings.

In India and in other third world countries people are very respectful.   Especially to preachers who are presumed to preach God’s word.    The Indian Word of Faith leaders teachings and life style most often goes unchallenged, because people do not want to “touch the anointed”.     Many wolves in sheep’s clothing’s take advantage of Indian hospitality and start controlling and manipulating people.    Also when prosperity is promised, people are stirred up emotionally and pay attention to these perverts. So the WoF preachers were able to jump start their “ministries” by first going into Radio and most recently in TV and the internet.    For them money is not an issue at all.   The Rhema “Bible Training” Institute, and those of their ilk, are pouring out thousands of dollars, if not millions to support their WoF cronies in India and other parts of the World.

Other Indian Christian denominations and individual ministers started attacking the WoF teachings.   But they made one fatal mistake and that they still make that same mistake: The same ministers who attacked the WoF teachings restricted their role to attacking them in principle only.   But also take huge sums of donations from the WoF ministries.   Also many good Indian ministers married their daughters or sons to WoF preachers.   And as a result of this, the stand against the WoF heresy was quailed, nullified and buried.   These are some of the reasons why the WoF gained momentum in India and still is a menace to my country.   The WoF style of preaching and their ability to attract innocent and unsuspecting people have become the modus operandi for many Indian preachers, who are not WoF.   Therefore in many cases we see WoF-lites!!!.   Many good Indian Christians name their baby boys Kenneth as their first names. (in homage to Kenneth Hagin).   This includes non-WoFer’s too!!!

How the WoF preachers evangelize is an interesting thing.   They do not concentrate on the poor and needy.   But they target college professors, doctors, engineers, lawyers, businessmen and other high income group people.   You might think their target group would be people from other religions.   But unfortunately the truth is these people who are targeted by WoF are Christians from other denominations!!!

This is how a typical WoF soul winning goes: The WoF preachers will establish contacts with wealthy Indian Christians and offer them the “full gospel”!!!   Sir/Madam confess Jesus with your mouth according to Romans 10:9 and you will be saved.   No need to repent or experience a change in your life.   But just a simple confession based on the Romans 10:9 magic formula will save them.   But God only knows what they hope to be saved from by doing this?   This is not the gospel of Christ!   Genuine born again experiences and regeneration are simply dismissed by the WoFers as a “feelings based experience”.   If the people continue to live in the same sins, the WoF would shamelessly say “Oh, salvation is a gradual process!”.   Sounds good but what if a thief goes through a gradual process by gradually giving up his stealing habits.   Or what if after the Romans 10:9 based confession a child molester only molest less and less Children as they “grow” in the Lord There is no conviction about sin or the emphasis on the necessity of repentance.   Then the victims are promised health and wealth as part and parcel of the atonement.   Here is the climax; the WoFer’s then demand of the new Indian converts to sow seeds into their  ministries,  for them to get a hundred fold return.   These innocent victims who just got “saved” in order to inherit the full kingdom blessings, sell their possessions or donate them to the WoF.   Preachers often give them a piece of land, property or their vehicles.   The WoFers then ask their new converts to utter positive confessions regularly in order to possess the promises.   If they still have sickness, these perverts would say that the sick ones do not have enough faith. And if the victims financially suffer again, they are told “encouraging” words like “you should walk by faith and not by sight”, “believe in your heart and not with your mind”,,, etc, etc.    Many victims are still blabbing with their mouths but still not grabbing, confessing but not possessing. May the blab it and grab it Hocus Pocus only appear to work in the West and my people will not be deceived!!!

The WoF preachers frequently go on house visits to these rich Indian Christian houses.   And they let their wives and children hang out with their counter parts.   However they would not do the same to a poor believer’s family.   In the English language the word “you” is neither a respectful term nor a disrespectful term.   It can be used to address an elderly person or a little Child.   However in my language there are separate words for you to use when you are addressing an elderly person or a familiar person like a little kid.   It is disrespectful to use the casual word for you to an elderly person.   The WoFer’s do not hesitate to call poor Christians with the disrespectful you word, regardless of their age.   But they are very cautious to use the respectful word for you to a rich Indian Christian who is a potential donor.   I have seen this with my own eyes because I had a WoF “pastor” live in hometown, even on the same street as me!!!   They look for victims but only rich victims!!!

In India we speak British English with our own flavors.  Americans cannot understand our English unless we speak slowly and we cannot understand the American English either unless it is spoken slowly. However the Indian WoFers deliberately twist their tongues to change their accent to sound like American accent.  Even while singing they do the same. In other words they try to imitate their Rhema counterparts in America.  This is just to impress innocent people to show that they have connections with Western countries. They believe that changing their accents would give them credibility and make their messages part of Christian orthodoxy.  Many poor people were turned off by their elitist mentality because they could not understand their glorified English!!!

I am still longing to see an Indian WoF preacher flying in his own private jet plane.   For more than 20 years they keep blabbing with their mouths.   But are still unable to get even a helicopter!!!    They need to learn the difference between capitalism and socialism and using common sense.    If the prosperity “gospel” works (or appears to work) for Western preachers, why doesn’t it yield the same results for their third world counter-parts?

In the  eighties a Doctor from India got attracted to the WoF teachings. And he took my home state by storm (converting the Christians there to WoF) using his seductive powers and charismatic personality.   He said that he would never get sick.    And he even ridiculed those who were still sick.   He was spearheading the WoF movement in my home state.   Many innocent Christians were deceived by his false teachings.   But in April 1991, thankfully to God he died of a disease.  Several individuals were destroyed by that ferocious wolf.   But in spite of God expressing His disapproval by removing that man from the earth, his followers and relatives never repented. They are still advancing his legacy which was heresy!

Once the WoF movement conducted a massive crusade in India focusing on Divine healing.   Some secular news magazine reporters also attended the meeting to see what was really going on.   The WoF Bible college students used to stand in various places in the crowd and encouraged the sick people to go to the stage and testify about their healings.   When the sick people hesitated they were told not to walk by sight or feelings but by facts, revelation knowledge and not common sense.   These innocent people went to the stage and testified that they got healed while they were still sick.   The secular reporters later interviewed the people who gave their testimony on the platform and found out that they were still sick.   This news got published in a widely read magazine in my language and the name of the Lord was blasphemed.  Our fellow Indians used this to ridicule this as an “imported faith”, mocking and saying yeh right, the blind hear and the deaf see? What a shame! Many people are skeptical about genuine Christianity, healings and miracles because of the activities of these WoF perverts.

I apologize to the readers that I have not quoted any verses from scripture in this article.   God willing I am planning to release a series of articles refuting the WoF teaching.   Including but not limited to the misuse and abuse of Romans 10:9.   Was Jesus tormented in hell?   Is financial prosperity always Gods will?   If someone is sick is it because he or she does not have faith or is in sin?  Positive confession: When and how?   The concept of faith according to WoF compared with Biblical position on Faith.   And many more things about the WoF.   And I promise to quote a lot of Bible verses.

The WoF teachings are like a few drops of poison in a pure glass of milk.  Before our Lord Jesus Christ returns we must do our best to do to purify His body and bride from this monstrously evil movement.

May God help each and every one of you who read this article to play a role in eradicating this cancer from the body of Christ.   Amen!


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