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Lets face it,, if the Word of Faith Movement is correct,, everyone else is is wrong!!!

Lets face it,, if the Word of Faith Movement is correct,, everyone else is wrong!!! 

That is unless your unless your a practicing member of the Mind Sciences and New Thought Reform. Maybe a Christian scientist. Maybe a New-Ager practicing the Law of Attraction. Or maybe if you’re an occultist invoking the ”god of forces”. All these would have more in common with the Word of Faith than traditional Mainline Christianity. In fact the Word of Faith Movement has more in common with these Non Christian religions and philosophies than it does to traditional Mainline Christianity.

This is not the topic of this article,,, so I will button it up with these two self speaking comments from prolific Word of Faith Ministers.

KENNETH COPELAND: Jesus said that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and that’s when the action takes place because that is when the spiritual force is brought up out of the mouth – whether it be fear or whether it be faith – and when that spiritual force comes out, it is going to give substance to that image that is inside of you. People say, ‘that is that New Age visualization stuff’. The New Age is trying to do this. And they get somewhat results out of it because it is a spiritual law. (Believer’s Voice of Victory (television program), TBN, 28 March 1991.) (Online source)

BENNY HINN claims the Holy Spirit told him, “…that if witches and occultists can speak death by the supernatural power of words, then Christian can speak life and prosperity by the same power.” The Facts on the Faith Movement, J. Ankerberg & J. Weldon, Harvest House, 1993, p.23 Copyright ©2008


Now on to the point I would like to make here. Which is that the Word of Faith is either right or wrong. And if it is all right. Then traditional Orthodox Christianity is ALL WRONG.

Do you realize that the Word of Faith movement redefines Christian terms. The whole crux of The Word of Faith Movement is it’s NON biblical and NON Christian re-definition of Faith. But they have also redefined every other Christian distinctive and term. They change the nature and object of the atonement and the cross of Christ. They purport and preach another Jesus. And their Spirit is not only another Spirit but is more akin to a Familiar Spirit than the Holy Spirit which has sustained the body of Christ since it‘s inception. .

As I watch these Word of Faith preachers talk,, I see inferences that THE WHOLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH is wrong,,, except for them of course. They shun intellectual thought, reason and logic. They talk bad about theology,, as if they do not do it. They try to tell folks that religious traditions and creeds are no good. Yet they fail to see or explain that creeds are meant to codify and unite believers around essential Christian doctrine (a term you don‘t hear in the WoF). And even their Word of Faith teaching and movement also qualifies as a Christian tradition. Aberrant and heretical as it is,,, it is still viewed in the eyes of the world as a Christian tradition.

In all my time scouring the internet for Word of Faith Movement information. I have only found one site that is pro-WoF that is actually truthful about the Word of Faith motives, implications and hidden assertions. AND THAT IS.



I wish I could have found the site to list in this article. All the WoFer’s will beat around the bush about it,,, but this site clearly stated that THE TRUE church and THE TRUE Christian teaching had been wipe clean from the face of the earth and no longer existed. The reformation fell far short. All of Christianity is apostate and of Satan. Instead of biblical Christians,, they refer to everyone else as “DENOMINATIONAL CHRISTIANS”. Boy there is a loaded term for ya. Think about the implications of that term.

AND MOST OF ALL,,, think about the implications of the term FULL GOSPEL. That means everyone else does not have the full gospel. They have a counterfeit. They might call us half gospel believers because we do not believe the bible teaches that the atonement of Jesus Christ was for both spiritual and physical healing. For spiritual sin and physical sickness. And that our happiness in this world is NOT God’s top priority.

I once wrote an article called THE HERESY OF RESTORATIONISM by Damon Whitsell

It mentioned my observation that ALL CULTS have two things in Common. They all claim that ONLY they,,, have the REAL TRUTH, the FULL TRUTH and nothing BUT THE TRUTH.

In my article it was noted that,,,

The Heretical Restoration Movement is comprised of the Campbellites; Disciples of Christ, Church of Christ., Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.(2) And it is also comprised of members defecting from mainline Christianity. The Religious Affiliation of Alexander Campbell by (3)

The Heretical Churches of Restorationism are, Christadelphians, Latter Day Saint [LDS] movement (The Mormon Church and it’s sub-groups), Adventism, Millerites, Sabbatarianism, Seventh-day Adventists, Charismatic Restorationism, and more. (2)

YOU SEE,,, all these groups claim that shortly after the death of the apostles,,, Christianity became as a whole,, apostate and non existence. AND REFORMATION WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


Even though it was noted in my article that God said his word and Church would endure until the end of the ages,, and the gates of hell would never prosper over His church. YET the Word of Faith movement joins a long list of groups (cults) who claim to HAVE THE FULL GOSPEL.

The bible contains these promises about itself and Jesus’s Church.

Mat 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. 1Pe 1:25A But the word of the Lord endureth forever. Isa 40:8 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand forever. 

Brothers and Sisters,,, don’t be deceived that the WoF is just another brand of Christianity. It is a full fledged counterfeit masquerading as the FULL TRUTH. It is a TOTAL paradigm shift and totally opposite of real Biblical Christianity. The members of the restoration movement and it’s offspring churches of restorationism frequently wrote books, lectured and debated that Christianity HAD FALLEN AWAY AND NEEDED TO BE RESTORED.

But the Word of faith is not so outright,,, they are sneaking in the back door,, so to speak with a message,,, that says ALL OF CHRISTIANITY IS WRONG EXEPT FOR THE WORD OF FAITH. Instead if using obvious effort and forthrightness. They use subtle mind control techniques and slow but steady indoctrination through thought terminating clichés and other methods of thought control.


Jesse Duplanitis recently said on the Christian News Network when asked why he is always so Jolly,,,, he said,,, “I am always so happy because I AM NOT IN CRISIS,,, BUT IN CHRIST“.

With only 14 words he has effectively disqualified all of the apostles of the possibility of being “in Christ“. BECAUSE THEY WHERE IN CRISIS. They all died vile deaths for the sake of the gospel. And throughout Christian history,,, blood has flowed and souls have stood against the onslaught of false Christianity with their life’s. THEY WHERE NOT IN CHRIST?

With just 14 words Jesse has inferred that all the great reformers of the protestant faith,,,, where not “in Christ” because many of them suffered,,, even unto death for biblical Christianity. And on top of all this,,, Jesse and other word of Faith teachers shun and proclaim that the very foundation of the reformation is faulty. That sacred cry of the reformation was SOLA SCRIPTURA. The bible alone is the sole source of divine authority.

But as Jesse and the others infer,,, “hey,, all your beliefs and all your Christian practices are wrong. I know cause God told me. In fact Jesus visits me personally often. SO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.”

Brothers and sisters,,, again I assert to you.

Lets face it,, if the Word of Faith Movement is correct,, everyone else is wrong!!!  VICE VERSA


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